March 31, 2008

Orioles' Opening Day

I'm a college football man at heart, but it's impossible to ignore baseball's opening day no matter what sport you follow or what city you live in (Cubs/Padre fan personally). Fortunately, this city loves its Orioles -- we are called "Birdland" after all. Right now the Orioles lead the Tampa Bay Rays 2-0 in what is an openly admitted rebuilding year. Update: The Orioles lost 6-2. It's going to be a long year.

Regardless I'm excited to make a few trips down to Camden Yards this year. My question dear reader is this: what is the beer situation down there? As it is a ballpark, I hold no illusions about the beer prices, but what brands are offered/in what areas of the ballpark?

I read in the paper the other day that an Irish pub in one area of the ballpark was replaced with either a Bud Lite or Miller Lite station, which is disappointing.

Here's some thoughts in the comments section I found at the Baltimore Sun's Beer Blog, Kasper on Tap:
Pickles Pub [Outside the stadium, I've seen this place before but have yet to set foot inside - Ed.] has the Sam Seasonal on Draft for like 3 bucks on game days. Once inside the park I go to the microbrew stand on Eutaw Street.
We start and/or end at the Wharf Rat. Once in the stadium, their is a microbrew stand between home and third on the first level that has DuClaw Porter and a few regional IPAs. Many of the "restaurants" have Clipper City on tap. If we are in the bleachers, there is a bottle vendor run by some Marines that usually has a micro or two for a warm summer day.
I don't know what you all are complaining about. I go to Boog's and visit my buddy and get free beer. That's way better than what you all are getting. Free beer is the way to go. [Again, another place I've heard of but haven't hit up yet, Boog's BBQ inside the stadium which is supposed to be very good - Ed.]
Oriole Park does have a good variety of brews to choose from. There are a number of Maryland microbrew carts that sell the likes of Wild Goose, Backfin & Clipper City. I have also seen Guiness and Harp on tap in some of the eateries.

They also have some other bottle & can carts with a variety of brews - including Natty Boh. Nice to see Mr. Boh at an Orioles game - it gives the outing a nice touch of history.

Overall, from what I've seen in the many ballparks I have visited, Oriole Park has one of the top beer selections.
Any further comments that need to be added? Sounds like the Wharf Rat is the place to be pre/postgame.

Non-Beer Orioles Notes

Today's starting pitcher is Mark Guthrie, who was a hell of a player in college. At Stanford, he fought USC ace Mark Prior to a draw in two 2001 battles. Prior was incredibly dominant that season, having one of the best seasons in collegiate baseball history, yet Guthrie very nearly bested him twice with great outings of his own.

Today's weather is dreary and cloudy, with some light rain/drizzle. Definitely not baseball weather.
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