December 28, 2008

Friendly Rivalry With Frisco Grille

Frisco Grille, easily one of the best beer spots in Maryland -- and the region -- happens to be a Penn State bar. I, on the other hand, happen to be a USC fan and alum. The two schools happen to be playing a little football game in Pasadena on January 1.


If you take a look at their electronic beer menu inside the bar (one of my favorite bar concepts, BTW), owner and Penn State alum Adam snuck in a little beat USC logo a while back, something I didn't notice right away. Funny guy.

December 27, 2008


Pabst Blue Ribbon, on tap? Hmmmk.

Dog Pub has remedied their website and it looks much improved and useful. Nice work.

A year/beer in review post? Might be a good idea. BTW I tried that Hoppy Otter IPA tonight ... yeeeeeech. I hope the problem was that it was skunked. Beautiful label but that was about as far as the pleasant experience went. Hopefully the Nogne O IPA I also purchased at The Perfect Pour is an improvement.

Red Brick Station's current seasonals on tap include a Scotch Ale and a Schwarzbier.

Looks like Franklin's has a legitimate website for once. They were briefly featured in a D.C. area public television program about "local" dining/drinking.

Victoria Gastro Pub's website has added some pictures, so you can get a feel for the overall layout and vibe. Personally I love the setting and bar and can't wait to try the outdoor patio in the summer.

As noted by Beer in Baltimore, Blob's Park will reopen for a New Year's Eve Party, $50 with music, a traditional German food buffet, doors open at 6:30 and festivities until 1 AM or so.

I've been reading this in bits and pieces. It looks like I'll be making a collaborative brew with my friend Steve who writes Summer of Beer the next time I'm out in California. Should be interesting. I tried homebrewing once when I lived in Florida and it was a disaster, but hopefully this experience sharpens my awareness of the process and I can make a batch or two of my own this year.

The old man gave me two beer books for Christmas: Microbrewed Adventures by Charlie Papazian and Michael Jackson's Eyewitness Companions book Beer. Can never have enough beer reading material around.

Brewer's Alley New Beer Tasting

This Monday, December 29th Brewer's Alley in Frederick will release its 13-month-old, cask-aged Scotch Ale. Brewmaster Tom Flores will also be at the bar from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Here is more background:
This beer has been aging in a Stainless Steel Cask since last November, you don't want to miss this. There is only one cask, so get here early!

Scotch Ale is the term used for a strong style of beer from Scotland which has been brewed for hundreds of years. We offer this style now because of the cold weather. Usually, the warming sensation of a beer like this goes nicely with the cold fall and winter months.

What distinguishes Scotch Ale from other beers is its very rich malt character, residual sweetness, delicate fruity bouquet, and overall flavor intensity. The maltiness and the color originate from the use of highly kilned grain (Roasted Barley and Dark Caramel Malt). The hops used are an aroma variety which do not lend much bitterness, but provide enough hop flavor to balance the malt sweetness.

We used a special strain of yeast which accentuates the maltiness by not being as aggressive in fermentation as our house ale strain. This leaves more sweetness in the beer at the end of fermentation than is usual for many other beers.

This beer will be served in specially shaped glasses. We use a thistle (or tulip) glass which allows the beer to be held in the hand to warm it up and release the aroma into the flared top-portion of the glass. Enjoying the aroma for a few moments like this before the first sip is a great way to explore all the nuances of this hearty brew.

December 25, 2008

Crazy Smelling Beer

In a good way.

Legacy's Hoptimus Prime, on tap, at Frisco Grille. I don't know how to describe it other than it had a rocky head and one of the most unique smells I've ever picked up out of a beer. I suggest heading over there to get a sniff yourself, its intoxicating.

Merry Christmas

To you and yours, or whatever holiday you're celebrating or not celebrating.

So, how about a beer? Ho, ho, ho!

I know what beers I'm itching to drink ...

December 20, 2008

In The Mail

A nice collection of beer goodies sent from my good friend and California native Steve, who writes the Summer of Beer blog. Many thanks.

One bottle each:

Gueuze Girardin 1882
Lost Abbey Carnevale Ale (a saison/blonde)
Port Brewing 2008 Ne Goeien Saison
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

That is an awesome haul I'll have some fun with as we head closer into the cold Eastern winter.


I didn't realize this: Baltimore city has Sunday limitations on beer/alcohol sales?
For the next few Sundays, beer, wine and liquor stores will be open for business! I'm not sure how long they will be, or if many people know this. The Wine Source was dead today, and they're only doing this one more Sunday and that's it. And you probably don't even care if you live in Howard County where you can buy this stuff on Sundays anyway. But for those of us in town, it's a nice, if brief, change.
Blue laws strike again.

I was just about to write on this and it looks like the Sun has taken notice as well: Blob's Park getting nearer to its opening. At its website there is the following note:
Check this website next Wednesday (12/24/2008) to find out if we'll be open for New Year's Eve. I'm working at a fever pitch doing everything in my power to make this happen, but it's still not certain at this point. Thanks for your patience.
The Baltimore Sun reviews Canton's Hudson Street Stackhouse and notes the following:
Belgian and German labels dominate an impressively curated beer list
Looking at the picture in the article there are some decent taps with Hoegaarden, a Troegs handle, looks like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a Boddingtons Pub Ale, Guinness, what looks like a Leffe and a few others. It has potential.

Charles "Chuck" Cook, a Maryland native and esteemed beer writer writes Belgian Beer and Travel and it is now linked here at Baltimore Beer Guy. His most recent entry is about a trip to Belgium to observe the Lambic breweries and blenderies. How exciting!

Heroes Pub, not sure its been mentioned or linked on here. Its near Annapolis, claims to have 48 taps. Anyone been there/can vouch for it? I'll add it to the maps and lists soon and hopefully visit at some point.

The venerable Brickskeller in Washington D.C. just cobbled together a ridiculous amount of winter beers (140+ bottles), hurry down to them in Dupont Circle to enjoy a few, the list is way too long to post on here but there's a post in Beer Advocate's Mid-Atlantic forum documenting a good number of the offerings while they last.

Columbia's great bottle shop The Perfect Pour is doing a broadly defined "Holiday Favorites" tasting Saturday from 3-7 PM. Be sure to swing by.

Mahaffey's in Canton notes that they will open late on Christmas eve and at 6 PM on Christmas Day.

This is a little late but DuClaw's Venom Pale Ale is back for a limited time, they started pouring at all locations on Wednesday until whenever its gone.

At Victoria Gastro Pub there will be a few special events for Beer Club members only. Be sure to sign up and ask as I don't want to give everything away but Monday night they'll have something neat going on from 6-8 PM and then they'll open some very rare bottles on New Year's Eve if you join Victoria's (pricey) New Years Eve party.

This may also be a bit old but hopefully ongoing, reduced price Heavy Seas t-shirts ($9.99) and pint glasses ($1.99) at Clipper City while supplies last.

Todd Conner's in Fell's Point is offering $1.50 Natty Boh's anytime it snows in Fells Point. Quite the hook. did the Flying Dog tasting room thing which reminds me I need to get back there hopefully soon, its a great time. Oh, and Clipper City, a tour I have yet to take.

"Belgian Beer" tag on Flickr. Awesome.

This has potential.

December 18, 2008

Input and Suggestions Always Welcome

Many thanks to reader David for sending in two suggestions for the Howard County Beer Map, which I've since added (Pine Orchard Liquors and Village Wines and Liquors).

December 16, 2008

The Great Resurrection Bottle Chase

So the chase is on.

I went to The Perfect Pour in Columbia earlier today, and they didn't seem to have the Resurrection bottle shipment in. The employee I talked to seemed uncertain as to whether they'd receive it or not. Maybe that changes, and she said they take shipments daily until 5 PM so please report back if you locate it there.

Beer in Baltimore says Wells Liquors got in a shipment -- 10 cases, 120 bottles -- this morning. He also says they told him Bond Distributing got 400 cases, sold in two days to the various clients.

Personally I arrived at the source, Brewer's Art, at 4 sharp, to pick up a few bottles. Its a miserable day today, but thats alright, I got what I wanted. We'll see how long they last there.

Please report back here via comment or email if you find Resurrection anywhere else. Its a curiosity deal more than anything.


HoCoJoe reports the following - Pine Orchard Liquors in Ellicott City has some in stock (5PM on 12/17/08)

Update #2

Reader Chodite also reports the following - Honeygo Wine & Spirits (aka import and craft beer heaven) as well as Swan Song Spirits. Both in Perry Hall, both have Resurrection in stock.

Thank you both!

Update #3

HoCoJoe adds: Perfect Pour now has it in stock.

Update #4

An addendum -- they're $12 at the source, just an FYI. PS its blistering cold out, I was at BA tonight they shut down the upstairs for a wedding but to/from my parking space about three blocks away just wow. Especially walking into the wind, you feel that kind of cold in your bones.

Update #5

Strawberriesinparis adds: My cousin got 7 bottles from Well's!

BBG says "excellent!" Should make for a hell of a party. I'm digging the label art, personally. Brewer's Art has a flair for the aesthetic with their tap handles, with the design on the bottle labels and the establishment itself.

Random Note: The Owl Bar

Stopped into the Owl Bar this afternoon, as I was a little early in advance of the Brewer's Art 4 PM opening. Its in the Hotel Belvedere (really, a converted hotel that is now home to condiminiums), across from the Brewer's Art. Nice place, I've written about it before, as has Beer In Baltimore.

It has that really cool prohibition feel, the usual taps were on and I went with an Owl Pale. Quick question since I forgot to ask today, who are they contract brewed with to make those, since I don't think they brew their own beer? Thanks.

Its not the biggest craft beer place ever, but I do recommend it if you're in the Mt. Vernon area before Brewer's Art opens or if for some reason you're at BA and don't enjoy it. Apparently the Owl Bar and sister property The 13th Floor in the same building are for sale though, not sure what that's all about if true so might want to enjoy it while you can if true just in case new ownership changes the theme.

Flacco Appearance At Greene Turtle Canceled

Apologies, as I was driving back from downtown tonight (more on that in a moment) the radio noted -- and was confirmed in my email I just checked -- that the Ravens' Joe Flacco will not be at the Greene Turtle in Columbia tonight as reported here earlier. Neither will Jason Brown.

Thanks to the Ravens' Saturday night start on the road against the Cowboys this week instead of the usual Sunday game, there was a mandatory team meeting they had to attend and thus, no appearance. They're still handing out prizes, tickets etc. there if you still want to attend although in this rain/ice storm I kind of doubt it, please do enjoy. The email says there will be a makeup appearance, so stay alert if Joe Flacco + Greene Turtle is your bag.

December 15, 2008

Brewer's Art, A Picture

Nice picture taken by Yours For Good Fermentables' Tom Cisauskas at Brewer's Art's recent Holiday beer tasting (Dec. 6). The cross at far right is the famed Resurrection, to the left is the Beacon pale, to the left of that with the pitchfork is Ozzy, the one to the left being poured is the winter offering Coup De Boule, to the left of that is the 3-headed dog Cerberus tripel, and I'm unsure what the final tap handle is.

Whatever, they're beautiful, as is Brewer's Art.

Max's Christmas Beer Social Reminder

I won't be there, but enjoy it it you can -- responsibly. Having never attended a Tuesday Beer Social at Max's I can't help as far as explanation, but have a gander at Tuesday night's Christmas Beer Social final list of items on cask, draft and bottle via Beer in Baltimore:

Weyerbacher Winter
Heavy Seas Winter Storm
Whitemarsh Winter Sotice
Whitemarsh Winter Soltice
Southern Tier Chockalt
Troegs Mad Elf 2007
Troegs Mad Elf 2008
Samichlaus Helles
Scaldis Noel
Barbar Winter Bok
Seirra Nevada Celebration
Birra Natale
Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux
la Rulles Cuvee
Corsendonk Christmas
St Bernardus Christmas
Haandbryggeriet Nissefar
Del Ducato Krampus
Wintercoat Yule Ol
Ridgeway Crimanlly Bad Elf
Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf
Anchor Christmas Ale
Mikkeller Not just Another Wit
Struise Tseejes
Thrieiz Noel
Geants Noel De Geants
De Ranke Pere Noel

Be sure to look up the unfamiliar items of the bunch via Google. I prefer the following method:

"struise tseejes Beer Advocate"

Sometimes Beer Advocate won't let you see a review directly through their site without your having an account/handle, but there's a lazy man's back door by searching via Google that usually brings up the beer you're interested in. From there you can get a feel for the style, what else is made by the brewery, alcohol content and others' reviews for better or worse.

Couple Brewer's Art Notes

Sounds like the Brewer's Art Resurrection bottles will be available as scheduled on Tuesday December 16th. No idea which retailers will have them, feel free to report back via email or comments where you see the Rezzie.

Also, the seasonal St. Festivus was not on last night, it had kicked but if I remember correctly it will be back on tap again Thursday as the second batch ages just a bit more. In the meantime the excellent Cerberus Tripel is on, as well as another wintery spiced beer (cinnamon, cardamom etc.) called Coup Be Doule, as well as a guest tap (something from Lancaster Brewing).

December 14, 2008

Ravens/Steelers, It Is On!

Just heading down to the game right now, but wanted to inform you I've got a friendly wager going with Brian from I Am Beer Wise, a great Pennsylvania beer blog. He covers Philadelphia but is a Pittsburgh native and hardcore Steelers fan.

The terms of the wager are simple enough: Ravens win (which will happen), he sends me an interesting beer or two from the great state of Pennsylvania. Steelers win, I send him something from Maryland, very likely one of the fine offerings from the great Brewer's Art.

Go Ravens!

BTW check out his blog, excellent overall beer coverage and passion, Baltimore Beer Guy is proud to link to him.

Update: dammit. Tough way to lose.

Another Beer Find -- Miss Irene's

Its late so forgive the casual manner as I write this up. So I was trolling the Baltimore Sun's dining section online and once again was distracted by the Metromix link. Metromix is a sort of bar/dining website catering to various metropolitan areas including Baltimore and they've partnered with the Sun.


They had a brief review with photos of a new place in Fells Point called Miss Irene's. Nothing too interesting as far as food (although white truffle mac-n-cheese sounds awful good, no?), but they are smart to take pictures. After complaining in the review about there not being any domestic beers besides Miller lite, I find a photo with some so-so options like Smithwicks, Stella and Amstel, but then there are also tap handles for Hoegaarden -- ok, so its mass-produced at this point but still delicious and a better more authentic version of what Blue Moon aspires to be -- both the Leffe's (bruin and blonde), Warsteiner Dunkel, Chimay and Kronenbourg. Not bad!

Its not Max's, but not many places can be Max's so to have those kind of handles is impressive. There's a little bit for everyone there, something I could take non beer loving friends who are more used to the mass-produced stuff and put on the training wheels, if you will. I believe on the beer menu at Judge's Bench in Ellicott City, the writeup for Kronenbourg called it what Budweiser should have been, for example. The Dunkel is dark but not too heavy and would surprise people who think dark beer means heavy or offensive. Both leffe's offer complex and delicious tastes of Belgium. And then there's explaining the mythology and mystery of the Trappist beer scene with a Chimay.

Metromix, on the other hand, needs to sharpen its appreciation for fine beer, noting Miss Irene's efforts to try and "bring back gin". Noble, but in the meantime those are some decent beers that shouldn't be overlooked in the pursuit of unknown suitable domestic offerings not named Miller Lite -- Dogfish Head, we presume? Seemingly everyone downtown has a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA on their tap row.

December 13, 2008

Quickie Diamondback Tavern Update

As previously noted here and other places, the Diamondback Tavern is officially open. It is in the former Tiber River Tavern in downtown Ellicott City, just up the hill from the main drag there. It has a Maryland theme, and is quite nice inside, about as nice as a place can be given the facility.

The menu is decent enough, the old man and myself had some wings, the unique scotch eggs and a smushed meatball sub. As for the beer -- they've got two bars that seat I think about nine each, one on the main floor and one upstairs. There are six tap handles: Guinness, Smithwicks, Yuengling, Fordham Tavern Ale, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Clipper City Winter Storm.

Could be worse, and I'm sure they'll rotate a bit. I hunch the Guinness and Yuengling will be permanent fixtures but the rest should allow for creativity and inspiration.

I enjoyed the view from my table downstairs by the bar, you can look onto the street, down the hill or watch people going by. Its fairly spacious overall, looks like they didn't try and cram a bunch of tables in where they could have gotten greedy and done so -- makes it a more inviting and friendly space. Its a unique building, with a few twists and turns here and there, very Ellicott City.

There won't be a craft beer crowd here, but its a nice place to grab a bite, get a decent beer and bring friends or family before heading elsewhere in Ellicott City (Judges Bench or Ellicott Mills Brewing Co., perhaps?).

December 12, 2008

Mahaffey's Gets Stoned

One more update, just got an addendum email from them.
Now, here's the let down: It's all about beer. We are putting on a plethora of Stone products from Escondido, CA. including the first-time-to-Maryland Levitation. This is the smallest beer the brewery makes at 4.4%. Although small on ABV, it is big on flavor. It's a very well balanced American amber with a nice hop presence.

Also, all pints of Stone brews will be $3.50 all weekend.

So come on in and get Stoned with us. Is it 4:20 yet?

So there you go. Check out Mahaffey's website here, their online beer list here, and locate them and other great beer bars with Baltimore Beer Guy's custom Downtown Baltimore Beer Map along with other useful custom beer maps on the menu at right.

Oh Happy Day

On Frisco Grille's online beer list in their "on deck" section:

Clipper City Loose Cannon Cask
Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale Christmas Ale

This is why I love places that publish their beer lists.

Figgy Pudding Fun Run = Free Guinness

Yeh, this is weird. Yeh, our town is weird. But its cool. We've got night of the Elvises (Elvi?). We've got that weird pirate gathering downtown. And we've got Figgy Pudding fun runs through Fells Point.
The 2nd Annual Great Fells Point Figgy Pudding 5k Run takes you through historic Fells Point, along the promenade and down the paved streets lined with some of the oldest buildings and best views in Baltimore. Runners receive a Figgy Pudding Funrun tee shirt and a free pint of Guiness at Slainte Irish Pub. Afterwards, stick around for the Fells Point Olde Tyme Christmas activities!
Hey, free beer. In a former life I was a runner, and then I found beer. Maybe its time I once again merge the two?

December 11, 2008

Food As a Lure to Good Beer In Fells Point and Canton

Stumbled across this article at (Baltimore) about "dinner specials to keep you and your wallet full" in Canton and Fells Point. And look, they mention a ton of beer places.


The Waterfront Hotel, a place I haven't tried but rumored to have some decent taps (between Max's and Slainte), has 12 entrees for $12 on Tuesday nights.

Slainte, a favorite of mine although the beer is moderately good with mostly English/Irish options, has an $8 pot pie night on Wednesdays with all kinds of varieties from shrimp creole, beef, Guinness, etc. Pot pie is a great winter food so no complaints here.

, which has great beer options, does a "Thursday Gastronomique" with all kinds of interesting upscale food options for $13.95 or less. Its a small kitchen but I've spoken with one of the chefs before, they're quite capable with a surprisingly good menu.

On Friday, Todd Conner's offers a $5 big burger complete wit homemade herb potato chips and the burger on a mini focaccia roll. I really gotta try this place at some point and they seem to have about five taps including a Dogfish Head the last time I poked my head in.

Similarly, I'm really interested in trying Jack's Bistro at the far end of Canton. They offer $12 entress on Sunday if you dine at the bar. They offer a meat entree, a seafood entree, and a vegetarian entree. Plus, two happy hours and an impressive beer list on tap and in bottles, at $2 off from 5-7 PM and 11 PM- 1 AM.

Finally, be sure to enjoy planning any such trips to these places with Baltimore Beer Guy's custom Downtown Baltimore Beer Map, located on the menu at right as well as other useful beer maps.

Events and Happenings

At The Perfect Pour in Columbia, they'll have beer tastings this Friday and Saturday. On Friday from 5-8 PM Ken from Legends will offer up a variety of products including Oskar Blues' Dale's Pale Ale and Lagunitas' We Are Only In It For The Money. On Saturday from 3-7 PM Magic Hat will be offered, as well as Japan's Hitachino Expresso Stout, Victory's Storm King and Tommyknocker's Imperial Nut Brown.

Like everyone else these days, they're also offering a tote bag ($1.99) that will make you feel all green inside. As a bonus if you bring it back to refill you can save 10% off purchases of 6 bottles or more of 750ml and 22 oz bottles of beer. Something to consider.

Tonight (12/11) at the great Max's in downtown Baltimore/Fell's Point from 5 PM-til they'll have a Stone Brewery Blowout Event. There may be other offerings but for now, the lineup includes the Pale Ale, IPA, Ruination DIPA, Smoked Porter, Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, Double Bastard, Old Guardian, Imperial Stout, 10th Anniversary, 11th Anniversary and 12th Anniversary.

Next Tuesday (11/16) will be Max's famed "Winter Social" with a ton of wintery taps and bottles, too many to list but a rough list can be seen here. It starts at 6 PM and goes until whenever. I'm a huge fan of wintery beers (unlike the Oktoberfest/fall offerings). They're a ton of Belgian Darks or Winter Warmers, delicious and spicy, but very high in alcohol so be mindful.


If you're like me, the Ravens bug has bitten you -- hard. Anyway, I overlooked an email from the Greene Turtle in Columbia. They'll have Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as a guest on Jason Brown's radio program at that location from 6-8 PM next Tuesday (12/16). The Turtle isn't craft beer heaven, but the Columbia location has Brewers Art's Resurrection on the last I checked, so that might be a delicious option.

Mind you, Flacco doesn't seem to have much of a personality but I think the show is part of the sports radio thing with Anita Marks that I've found to be decent listening whenever I'm in the car. They recommend getting there early as seats fill up fast. Happy hour is 3-7 PM, $1 off domestic drafts, hopefully that includes Resurrection.

Back Into The Swing of Things

Went to Frisco Grille's Troegs Brewing pint night last night, and forgot to pick up a free pint, d'oh! Whatever, a good time was had. While in San Diego I saw in their beer list they had Magic Hat's Odd Notion sour beer and I really wanted to try a taster of that. Sadly, it disappointed. It had some sourness, but as Oliver the bartender said, it tasted like one of those spritzy lime sodas, wayyyyy too light.

Keeping with the theme, they had Troegs' Mad Elf, Hopback Amber and Dreamweaver Wheat on tap. The Mad Elf is a wildly popular, high-alcohol winter ale brewed with honey and cherries. Its a really unique taste, not too sweet, a bit watery/on the light side as far as body/mouthfeel, but good. I'd had a six pack at home and wanted to try it on tap, pretty much the same but always fun to get something fresh out of the keg. I was less interested in the Hopback and Dreamweaver so left those for other patrons.

One interesting thing I saw was a customer ordering a "Mad Dream" where they combined the Mad Elf with the Dreamweaver. The Troegs rep was there as well, nice guy, handed out some literature and whatnot. Sounds like they'll have another Troegs event at Frisco Grille in January to mark the release of Troegs' wildly popular Nugget Nectar, so be on the ready for that if Nugget Nectar makes you happy.

After that it was a pint of the Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale and the Southern Tier IPA. Both were delicious, particularly that Southern Tier. Not all of their offerings are great, but some really hit the spot.

Frisco has clearly become my top spot. It took a little getting used to but the gentlemen behind the bar as well as owner Adam are all nice people, they keep a ton of interesting beers on, the menu's good, and occasionally I can pick up a copy of the latest Mid-Atlantic Brewing News or Beer Advocate if they haven't already been picked over by other customers. Good stuff.

December 10, 2008

Second Chance Saloon, Diamondback Tavern Now Open

You'll have to Google around for food reviews and whatnot, but both places mentioned on here are now open.

Second Chance Saloon is the new home for the old and apparently much-beloved Last Chance Saloon in the same location in Columbia. Diamondback Tavern was opened at the same location as the old Tiber River Tavern in downtown Ellicott City. Obviously Baltimore Beer Guy will have to make stops in the near future to both of these destinations as both promise good beer!

There is this note from Beer In Baltimore about Second Chance Saloon:
The Second Chance Saloon opened Friday in Columbia's Oakland Mills Village Center, where the Last Chance Saloon once was. I spoke to some friends who went there Saturday night.
They said that the menu and beer selection are currently limited, and that the service was slow; however, they thought that each of those things could be because they had just opened the day before.
Also, be sure to check them out and let me know what they're like if you make it before I do.

Mahaffeys Update

I'm on their email list so occasionally I'll post some news from those emails.

For example, on tap for the first time is Dogfish Head's Worldwide Stout. I've had that sucker, it's pure alcohol, but they say it won't last so if you dig the WWS, head down there. Mad Elf is done for the season, although he's saved a keg for "Christmas in June".

Tonight's bomber is Southern Tier Choklat, one of Summer of Beer Steve's favorites. Their "Old School Beer" featured tomorrow will be Colt 45.

On Sunday they open at 3 PM --- "Go Ravens".

For the uninitiated, Mahaffey's is a corner pub in Canton with a great beer rep. As a bonus they actually post the beer list online so there's no guessing when you arrive. As we all know, Baltimore Beer Guy appreciates such establishments.

And whats not to love about a place carrying DuPont's Avec Les Bons Vouex, Allagash's Grand Cru and Southern Tier's Krampus?


Thank you for your patience. I'm pondering a way to package the rest of the trip in a way that doesn't just read and read and read and hits the key points. In the meantime its back to Baltimore/Maryland beer business (yes!).

Of note: I'll probably be at Frisco Grille tonight for their Troegs Brewing Pint Night. Look for me.

Also, I'm going to find a way to make it to my beloved Brewer's Art to try their Holiday seasonal, St. Festivus. Have any of you great readers tried it yet? Thoughts?

December 2, 2008

Brewer's Art To Bottle Resurrection

Its one of the worst-kept secrets out there but stupidly (maybe for the better) I forgot to write about it: Brewer's Art will soon bottle is signature brew, Resurrection. It has been solidly reported at Beer in Baltimore and Midnight Sun. The special day? December 16. As always seems to be the case, it will be in a 750ml bottle, corked and caged. Awesome.

The Resurrection is a fantastic beer and will go great alongside their other bottled offerings: Ozzy, Le Canard and Green Peppercorn Tripel. Unlike the Canard, the Resurrection bottles should be hot sellers so be on the lookout for them.

Demography -- And Geography -- Is Destiny

More updates coming in a bit, but I wanted to highlight something I read in The Brewmaster's Table by Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing. Summer of Beer Steve has loaned me this for the week so I'm trying to hurry through it before returning to him.

This passage jumped out at me, in a broader discussion of beer history and its history in America.
While the mid-Atlantic colonies [generally speaking thats us - Maryland - as well as Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, lower New York, probably Northern Virginia -ed] sprouted breweries left and right, the southern colonies were slower to establish them. Hotter weather hampered brewing operations, and businessmen saw better opportunities in growing and selling tobacco, rice, cotton, and trees. The northern colonies had the opposite problem -- colder weather precluded good barley crops, so Massachusetts Bay Colony and other northern colonies concentrated on fishing and whaling, preferring to import beer from England, New York, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey.