August 28, 2009

Red Brick Station

Participated in a little gathering earlier Thursday with several other beer writers/bloggers and the brewer at Red Brick Station, will write some more on that soon but thought I'd mention it for now, and thank them for the opportunity to participate, taste their beers (finally!), and talk shop.

August 26, 2009


Frisco Grille patron: can I have a Theobama? (DFH Theobroma)

Wednesday Items

-- Dogfish Head pint night/blowout at Frisco Grille tonight. Free featured pint glass with purchase of featured beer after 7 PM but he beers are already on tap if you want to sneak in early. Be sure to keep tabs on my @MDbeerspotter twitter feed for news on events like this in advance.

-- And from Mahaffey's:

As far as beer news is, we are in full swing of Oktoberfest lagers. We are going to blow away our previous record. I'm thinking about offering an Oktoberfest beer flight. Any thoughts? We'll be a little less hoppy than usual for awhile. Bear with us. Seasonality is a double-edged sword. A few new breweries making it to the beer selection in these coming weeks. Lots of new stuff.
Tonight's bomber is actually a 750 ml bottle. Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu, a honey grape concoction made from an ancient Chinese recipe. At $15, it is a rediculous steal. 12 bottles only.
Loads of fun things planned for Waynestock 9/19. Promises to be better than ever.

Editor's note -- That Jiahu is GREAT, I had some at the Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg, its like a honey/melon white wine, very different for a beer.

Judges Bench Pic

August 24, 2009

Max's Tuesday Beer Social 9-25-09

This Tuesday Chris Quick from Saranac will be here to tast some of New York States finest beers. We will be serving Saranac Pumpkin and a few others on draft and a bunch of bottles, Helles, Rye Pilsner, Amber Wheat, Pale Pale Ale, Summer Ale and Pommegrante Wheat.These are some really nice beers that you don't want to miss.
As always we start at 6pm in the Mobtown Lounge
See you Tuesday
Victory Hop Devil
Otter Creek Copper W. Mint Infusion
Wolavers Oatmeal Stout w/ Vermont Coffee
Oud Beersel Framboise
Brew Dog Dogma
Brew Dog Punk IPA
Val Dieu Triple
21st Amendment Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat
21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
Dogfish Head Theobroma
Lagunitas Dogtown Pale
Rogue Dead Guy
Southampton Double White
Allagash White
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin
Whitmarsh Maddy Moos Hefeweizen
Heavy Seas Prosit
Plus a Bunch More.....

Baltimore Beer Week Preliminary Events

Beer In Baltimore, knee deep in organizing Baltimore Beer Week, has noted there are some updates this week in regard to Baltimore Beer Week events ... lots of them. Like 47 and counting.

Lots of stuff at Max's, we'll dissect some of this at a later time but I wanted to relay it and let everyone get a feel for whats going on so far.

August 22, 2009

Flying Dog Saturday I

1)On the way to Flying Dog brewery and tasting room in Frederick

2)The ubiquitous crab joins the travel as we hit the 270 South

3)"Puppies" Cool idea

4)The first round, (L) to (R) Belgian IPA on special Saturday, Doggie Style Pale and Kerberos Tripel

Flying Dog Saturday II

1) A taster of the Double Dog, on cask nitro. Notice the creamy head and foamy middle? Well done

2) The battle field

3)The ubiquitous crab wants a taste

4)Growlers! Gonzo Imperial Porter and Kerberos Tripel, both fantastic

Flying Dog Saturday III

1) My growler fills -- Kerberos Tripel and Gonzo Imperial Porter with the ubiquitous crab

2) Libations and some bang bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill in Frederick afterwards

3) The drunken monkey approves of the Kerberos Tripel

4) Gonzo and college football replays = Life Is Good

August 20, 2009

Hagerstown's Augustoberfest

Something to consider this weekend: Augustoberfest in Hagerstown, MD. Happening Saturday August 22nd and Sunday August 23rd. German food, some kind of walk/run, I assume a beer garden, you get the drift.

Afterwards stop at the excellent Schmankerl Stube in downtown Hagerstown for some authentic German brews and great German food.

Thursday Stuff

-- First, Max's cask event:

Wolavers Oatmeal [Stout] with Vermont Coffee
Otter Creek Copper with a Fresh Mint Infusion

We will be kicking this night off at 5pm and go until the 2 casks are kicked.

-- Next, Pratt Street Ale House Firkins at The Metropolitan Coffee House

I shall be heading over to The Metropolitan Coffee House and Wine Bar in Federal Hill for the Thursday Firkin night. Tonight the featured cask is our Double Hopped Blonde Ale which, as Bruce so ably put it, will be “lovingly hand-pulled by Kristine one last time”! It’s Kristine’s last night before moving to Boulder, Co. so come and see her off in style!

-- From Gilly's in Rockville, it's Thirsty Thursday with no corking fees for bottled beer (grab one of their great sandwiches!)

-- Finally, Mahaffey's is putting a pin on of White Marsh's Cerveca Sandia, a watermelon beer around 5 PM or so.

Be sure to keep tabs on my MDbeerspotter Twitter (and contribute!), see whats popping up on tap and in bottle around Maryland.

August 19, 2009

Hopelessly Behind

I've hit up a ton of beer-y places for the first time in the last few months, need to get crackin' on some reviews, notes, etc. at some point. Hopefully I can deliver on all that.

Managed to avoid the trap of sticking to my tried and true (great) local stops all the time. They miss me of course but while I still have a bit more get-around time in the summer (fall weekends mean football, both Saturday and Sunday) I've taken advantage.

Anyway, might just sneak in *another* trip to Flying Dog this Saturday, get a growler fill and hop over to Bonefish Grill. Or maybe not, no definite plans. Say hi or let me know if you're headed in that direction.

I really need to get that Clipper City tour review/notes up as well, don't let me slack on that! Keep following here and on the MDbeerspotter twitter I've set up (tweet me your interesting beer finds!). Thanks, as always.

August 18, 2009

Washington D.C. Beer Week

OK so its not Baltimore but its relatively nearby and worth checking out given D.C.'s excellent selection of beer bars and overall quality of events offered.

See here.

I'm hoping to sneak down today for that Abita crawfish boil or hopefully some of the Wednesday/Thursday stuff. You?

Update: Crawfish boil sold out, so er, nevermind that one.

Test Beer Directory

Old Bay Shrimp and Beer

Last week Old Bay sent me some goodies and I've reciprocated by trying out the Seafood Steamers pouch above. Its ridiculously convenient, and tastes similar if not quite as good as the steamed shrimp you find at restaurants literally all over the state.

In the pouch there's a plastic bag where you add the Old Bay seasoning (also in the pouch) to about a pound of shrimp, shake the thing up, seal, poke some holes in the plastic bag, and microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on the shrimp count. No need to peel/devein (although you can do that), it comes out just a touch watery but cooks evenly and ends up delicious.

Thanks again Old Bay!

I paired it with one of the last holdout bottles of some homebrew Belgian Golden (that turned into something more like a Tripel).

Max's Tuesday Beer Social 8-18-09

This Tuesday we are featuring a great new beer from the Christoffel Brewery in the Netherlands. Christoffel Nobel is a dry hopped triple lager or Imperial Pilsner. 8.7%ABV. This is a great new beer and you don't want to miss. See you Tuesday.This beer is in bottles and will be served by the bottle.
As always we start at 6pm in the Mobtown Lounge
See you Tuesday
Victory Hop Wallop
Heavy Seas Big DIPA
Olivers Double Hop Blonde
Lake Placid UBU
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion
Troegs Hopback
St Bernardus Wit
Caracole Nostradamus
Dominion Beach House
Fordham Queen Ann Kolsch
Kona Longboard
Smuttynose IPA
Southern Tier Harvest
Southern Tier Pumpkin
Val Dieu Grand Cru
Lancaster Strawberry
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Old Chub
Brooklyn Lager
De Koninck Blonde
La Trappe Isi dor
Bockor Cuvee Des Jacobins
Victory Wild Devil
Victory Whirl Wind Wit
Victory Sunrise Weiss
Victory Storm King Stout
Victory St Boisterous
Victory Rauch Porter
Victory Old Horizontal
Victory Hop Devil
Victory Donnybrook Stout
Victory CBC Saphir Weiss
Victory Abbey 8
Victory Baltic Thunder
Stone Ruination
Dogfish Head 90 Minute

August 11, 2009

Max's Tuesday Beer Social 8-11-2009

I may just sneak down there tonight, I've had several beers from The Bruery before, good stuff.

This Tuesday we are featuring one of my new favorite breweries.The Bruery from Orange County, CA. We will be featuring a bunch of there bottles. These guys are brand new to Maryland. So here is the line up.
Orchard White-5.7%ABV. Belgian Style Witbier, with Coriander, citrus peel and Lavendar
Black Orchard- 5.7%ABV. Belgian Style Black Witbier. With Chamomile, Coriander and Orange peel
Saison Rue- 8.5%ABV. Belgian/French Style Farmhouse. with A Wild Yeast Strain
Saison De Lente-6.5%ABV. Spring Saison with the Fresh Hoppiness and Brett
Trade Winds Triple- 8.0%ABV. Belgian Style Golden with An East Asian Twist. Using Rice in the mash and Spiced with Thai Basil.
These are all in bottles but will be served by the glass. See you All Tuesday
As always we start at 6pm in the Mobtown Lounge.
Whitemarsh Sandia
Heavy Seas Big DIPA
St Fueillien Blanche
St Fueillien Saison
Blue Point Toasted Lager
La Trappe Isdor
Smuttynose Summer Weizen
Brooklyn Summer
Brew Dog Paradox
Flying Dog Double Dog
Dogfish Head 90 Minute
Great Divide Hercules
Ommegang Hennepin
Stoudts Pils
Stoudts Heifer in Wheat
Troegs Hopback Amber
Stoudts Scarlet lady

August 9, 2009

Old Bay Gift Set

Ok so Old Bay sent me this gift set full of Old Bay goodies. Backpack/beach sack, beach towel, mini can of old bay, bottle opener, temporary tattoo, an Old Bay 'Seafood Steamers' pouch and some literature. Good old local, delicious brands, right?

Anyway, I ought return the favor somehow. Feel free to suggest some recipes involving Old Bay (preferably involving beer!) that I can pull off, or I don't know, just talk about Old Bay in email or the comments below. In all honesty I love the taste of this stuff, another perk to living here in Maryland although obviously its available nationwide.

As a bonus I may or may not be able to secure a second such gift pack if I run a contest. Feel free to recommend some kind of contest on here, doesn't necessarily have to involve Old Bay, but I can cobble something together based on suggestions (please!), and award these fine items to a lucky Baltimore Beer Guy reader.

Elsewhere In Frederick

1)Flying Dog IPA at the bar at Bonefish Grill in Frederick

2)The ridiculously delicious Bang Bang shrimp and Flying Dog IPA at Bonefish Grill. Their other three taps are marginal but this combo really works with the shrimp and zip of the IPA. They don't open until 3 PM but make for a great postgame after stopping by the Flying Dog Brewery.

3)Bang Bang up close. Oh how I love this dish.

4)Cincinnati chili cheese dog at Hard Times Cafe also in Frederick. Its a giant pool hall, bar, restaurant, chili on pretty much everything but lots of taps. They had I think the Flying Dog amber, Clipper City Loose Cannon, and a few others to go with the usual domestics.

Both destinations are conveniently just off freeway exits.

Flying Dog Report

It was terrific fun, as always. I've provided a sampling of pictures below.

There was a small wait to get in, mostly procedural as people signed in (ehhhh), provided their $5 and were given a taster glass and info about tours, etc. Flying Dog has steadily evolved with this thing, where it used to be you could get a fresh pint glass and then get six ounce pours, they now give you a similar sized tasting glass along with bottle caps that can be traded for pours.

Alcohol abuse is less likely under the present setup, which is noble. Fear not free ($5) glass fans, when you're done you can simply bring your tasting glass to the register at the entrance and redeem it for a legit pint glass. Simple.

One fun aspect of this is its surprisingly communal, they raffle off prizes, people socialize outside their group a bit, there's repeated call and respond moments where a brewery representative might say "good beer!" and everyone responds "no sh**!".

I passed on the tour (taken it before, they have fun with it) but one of the brewers was leading it and they pumped it up as informative. The benefit to the tours is that they draw a decent pack of people away from the congested bar area and getting refills gets easier.

As for a beer report, there weren't any Wild Goose beers on tap, but a healthy selection (18 taps) of Flying Dog brews. They had the entire year-round line along with the Gonzo Imperial Porter, Double Dog, the brand spanking new in time for fall Dogtoberfest Marzen, a "test batch" Imperial Belgian Wheat, plus the IPA on cask and the Gonzo Porter on nitro. Plenty to choose from but I'm a sucker for the classic pale ale at the brewery and went with several tasters of that to go along with a growler fill at an excellent cost of I believe $7 (plus the $5 new growler).

Anyway, that's that, I encourage you to visit the brewery and tasting room and enjoy all it has to offer in the way of locally brewed, fantastic beer in a lively atmosphere. The best time is now before the weather gets all depressing anyway.

Its open on Saturdays from 130-4 PM, with a handful of tours during that time. A $5 purchase nets you a taster glass you can redeem for a pint glass at the end, along with approximately six taster tokens to redeem for beer.

And yes, this is a bit repetitive if you've been reading Baltimore Beer Guy for a while. For a similar report, check this writeup from January of this year. No, I'm not getting paid for this royal butt kissing, its sincere, for whatever thats worth. Enjoy.

August 8, 2009

Flying Dog Saturday Pt. III

1)The entrance. There was a line, but no biggie.

2)Perimeter shot, neat outdoor area with chairs and hopvines climbing the structure

3)The beer, yum! Tap row and the bar and posters.

Flying Dog Saturday Pt. II

1) The Dogtoberfest Marzen, I believe, in the new tasting glasses. And people. And taps.

2)Tap row.

3)The tasting glass. Classic Pale Ale, I believe.

4)Looking from the middle of the bar area towards the entrance. Again, lots o' people.

Flying Dog Saturday Pt. I

1)Lots o people

2)A rare moment when the bar wasn't jammed, love the posters

3)The van!

4 +5)Perimeter shots towards the parking lot entrance

August 7, 2009

Real Time Ellicott Mills Brewing Co.

The delicious, delicate Kolsch. Just overheard also on tap is the nut brown homebrew competition winner.

August 5, 2009

Real Time

Enjoying an Alehouse 75 at Dogfish Head Alehouse (Gaithersburg) after a trip to the awesome Gilly's in Rockville.

Update: I love how these "real time" updates keep arriving a day later. Sigh ...

August 4, 2009

Saturday Beer Get-Together?

Something brewing in my mind:

Is anyone interesting in some no-frills, come as you are get-together this weekend? I was hoping to sneak in a visit to a couple places Saturday and if there's company, all the better:

1)Flying Dog Brewery tasting room/tour in Frederick. They're open from 130-4 PM on Saturday, tours are free and optional, glassware is $5 and comes with several generous tasters (Flying Dog and Wild Goose beers) and its a lively, fun setting, you can get growler fills and merchandise. The earlier the better, folks have already caught onto this great setting.

2)Barley and Hops grill/microbrewery. Also in Frederick, I haven't been here yet and I'd like to at least sample their offerings.

3)Bonefish Grill. Doesn't open until 3 PM, on the north side of Frederick. I loved this place when I lived down South, fresh fish dishes, the "bang bang shrimp" appetizer is a personal favorite (the coconut crusted shrimp are great too), and I recall that on Flying Dog's twitter account from a few months back they had a tap on at Bonefish so there's assurance of at least one good beer in this place. I'm not a wine guy but its a respectable joint (without having to dress that way) and if wine is your thing I'm guessing they've got more than a few quality offerings here to end the evening as well.

So yeah, some combination of those venues. Comment below or email me or hit up @MDbeerspotter on twitter, I'll try to arrange something if there's enough interest. Lets do this!


-- The latest Mid-Atlantic Brewing News is out!

-- This is a great tool. Social media Dogfish Head beer finder, customizable by state. The initial Maryland map looks bleak but click around, a ton of places suddenly appear.

-- McCormick & Schmick's at Pier 5 in the Inner Harbor has upped their "Magic Mondays" from 530-930 PM they're offering $3 Magic Hat beers and a new item, a $30/dozen blue crab feast.

-- DC beer's latest "happy hour" profiles "Bread & Brew" in DuPont Circle. I actually passed by this recently, was curious whats inside. Looks like a good hangout!

-- DC Beer Week's schedule of events is up, and its impressive.

Sunday, August 16
• DC Beer Week “Unity Jam” at the Rock & Roll Hotel
Rock & Roll Hotel
1353 H St NE
2 pm- 8 pm
The first annual DC Beer Week will kick-off in style celebrating two life’s greatest pleasures- music and beer! This indoor day-long event will emphasize the diversity of the DC music scene with bands displaying musical flavors such as Reggae, Dub, Funk, Folk, Rock, Blues, and Metal.
The confirmed line-up will be-
The Blackjacks
Laura Tsagaris Band
The Jeff Wells Band

There will also be a limited amount of fist come/ first serve “VIP” beer tasting tickets available for $20. Tasting tickets will consist of 10 -4 oz. pours of hard-to-find Craft Beers.

• Unity Jam After Party at the Pug
The Pug
1234 H St NE
8:30 pm
The Pug has gained a reputation as a place “where the locals go”. Always playing great tunes on their sound system, free cheese puffs, fooseball, and an extensive selection of craft beers in cans- The Pug is sure to be a good time. Proprietor Tony T. and crew open their arms to the good beer-drinking loyalists of Washington, DC.

Monday, August 17
• Allagash Beer Dinner with Rob Tod at Granville Moore’s
Granville Moore’s
1238 H St NE
7 pm
Come meet-and-greet with Rob Tod, President and Brewmaster of Allagash Brewing Co. at Granville Moore’s. A so-called “Gastropub with a Belgian Fetish” Granville’s Chef Teddy Folkman will be preparing 5 courses paired with 6 great beers from Allagash Brewing Co.

• “Sausage, Cheese, and Beerliciousness” at the Big Hunt
The Big Hunt
1345 Connecticut Ave NW
Dupont Circle
7 pm
Come experience regional breweries paired with their regional cheeses and sausages. Big Hunt Beer Director Dave Coleman will be offering great beers on-tap from such world class breweries as Allagash, Bells, Brooklyn, Dogfish Head, Troegs, and Victory. Brewery representatives will be on-hand to discuss the beers and share great stories of the Craft Brewing movement.

• Dogfish Head Happy Hour at Brasserie Beck
Brasserie Beck
1101 K St NW
5-7 pm
Come to one of DC finest restaurants to sample a selection of great beers from Delaware’s world-renowned Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Dogfish Head brand rep Devin Arloski will be on hand with glassware and other goodies.

Tuesday, August 18
• Rogue Oregon Oyster and Ale Festival at the Reef
The Reef
2446 18th St NW
Adams Morgan
5 pm-10 pm
Come chill and relax at the Reef and experience a taste of Oregon. Fresh, Yequina Bay Oysters from Newport, OR will be flown-in for this special event. The Reef’s Chef Connor will be preparing other delicious dishes paired with the complex, tasty beers from Newport’s Rogue Ales.

• Brooklyn Brewery Beer and Cheese Tasting with Cowgirl Creamery at Café Saint-Ex
Café Saint-Ex
1847 14th St NW
U St Corridor
7 pm
Come join in on the fun and experience the ultimate pairing to great cheese- craft beer. The folks from NY’s Brooklyn Brewery will be teaming up with one of city’s finest fromaggiers- Cowgirl Creamery- to present a vast array of flavorful beers and individualistic cheeses.

• Abita Beer Crawfish Boil at the Argonaut
The Argonaut
1433 H St NE
6 pm
Come experience a true Southern tradition- a crawfish boil. Abita Brewing Co. is the south’s most established craft brewery and a drink synonymous with the city of New Orleans. Chef Matthew Anderson of the Argonaut is known for his coastal cuisine and will be unleashing this customary communal dining experience for lucky attendees.

Wednesday, August 19
• “Hitting the Cycle” at Restaurant Marvin
Restaurant Marvin
2007 14th St NW
U St Corridor
6 pm
Join the folks at Restaurant Marvin as Beer Director Chris Surrusco will assemble an opportunity to “Hit the Cycle” of Belgian and Belgian-Style beers. Taste “Single”, “Double”, “Triple” and “Quadrupel” beers paired with delicious cuisine from Marvin’s Chef James Claudio. Attendees will have an opportunity to win two tickets to the Friday, Aug 21 Nationals vs. Brewers game.

• “Belgian Beer Invades the Capitol”
Capitol Lounge
231 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Capitol Hill
5 pm
Mr. Belgium comes to Washington and he brought with him some potent, complex beers from the Mecca of brewing culture- Belgium. Come and join in on the action at one of Capitol Hill’s legendary taverns.

• Coney Island Freak Show at Palace Of Wonders
Palace of Wonders
1210 H St NE
9 pm
There’s always a freak show going on at the Palace of Wonders. Join founders Jeremy and Matt from Shmaltz Brewing Co. as they present there delicious beers- Coney Island Lagers and Hebrew Ales. Rumored is a surprise performance by an authentic Coney Island Freak Show legend.

Thursday, August 20
• “Brew at the Zoo” at the Smithsonian National Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoo
3001 Connecticut Ave NW
Woodley Park
6- 9 pm
Raise your glass to conservation and join FONZ Young Professionals at the fifth annual Brew at the Zoo. Attendees will have an opportunity to sample beer from more than 35 micro and regional breweries. This annual event presents a great atmosphere to sample great beer all for a good cause.

• DC Beer Week “BATZ” After-Party at Club Asylum
Club Asylum Downstairs Lounge
2471 18th St NW
Adams Morgan
9:30 pm
Come join brewers, beer lovers, and some of DC liveliest nightlife at the legendary Rock & Roll lounge- Club Asylum.

• Troegs Pint Night at the Red & the Black
The Red & The Black
1212 H St NE
7 pm
Come join Pete from Troegs Brewing Co of Harrisburg, PA and taste their award-winning beers. Authentic Troegs pint glasses will be given away throughout the duration of the evening.

Friday, August 21
• Washington Nationals “DC Beer Week Brewers Game”
Nationals Park
1500 South Capitol St SE
7:05 pm
Come kick-off the end of DC Beer week with America’s National pastime- Baseball. DC Beer Week attendees will receive 25% off tickets in selected areas of the ballpark. Suitably the Washington Nationals will be taking on the Milwaukee Brewers.
When visiting the Nationals website enter the promo code “Beer” to receive the discount.

Max's Victory Blowout Event

Thursday August 13th from 5-close

They'll serve over 20+ Victory beers on tap plus some brewery folk along with Susan Greene from Global.

Hop Devil
Prima Pils
Golden Monkey
Storm King Stout
Sunrise Weiss
Whirlwind Wit
Donnybrook Stout
Old Horizontal
Wild Devil
Baltic Thunder
Abbey 8
Rauchbier Porter
Scarlet Fire
Mad Kings Weiss

Max's Tuesday Beer Social 8-4-09

The featured beer is new to the US, Cerveceria Jerome from Mendoza, Argentina. They'll serve Diablo (7.5% ABV English strong style ale), Golden Archangel (9% ABV Belgian tripel), Negra (6.5% ABV stout), Roja (6% ABV amber/red ale) and Rubia (6% ABV blonde/wit). They'll be bottled but served by the glass.

Starts 6 PM in the Mobtown Lounge

Heavy Seas Big DIPA
Whitemarsh Cerveca Sandia
Flying Dog Snake Dog
Flying Dog Gonzo(Nitro)
Heavy Seas Hang Ten
Mardesous Blonde
North Coast Acme IPA
Olivers Bishop Breakfast Stout
Otter Creek Imperial IPA
Otter Creek Summer Ale
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
Saranac Caramel Porter
Triple Karmeliet
Whitemarsh Cerveca Sandia
De Ranke Noir
Silly Pink Killer
Fullers London Pride
BFM La Torpille
De Glazen Toren Ondinke
Landshark Lager

August 2, 2009

Flying Dog's Gonzofest

Its coming! I won't be able to make it but you sure as hell better. Flying Dog is throwing a big party called GonzoFest at its Frederick brewery with music (including the band headed by Duff Goodman, the Ace of Cakes on FoodTV), chili, charity, prizes and of course beer.

It is scheduled for Saturday September 12th from 3-9 PM. Oh, and there's a Hunter S. Thompson lookalike contest.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $30 at the door.


-- Many thanks to Yours For Good Fermentables' Tom Cizauskas for his promotion of an experimental venture here, the MDbeerspotter twitter page. He does a better job than myself explaining the basics and utility of it. Be sure to get on Twitter, follow me and start tweeting me your interesting finds.

-- The Beer Spot blog travels to Maryland and gives a fantastic review to Frisco Grille and one of its excellent bartenders, Keith. Well earned.

-- Via Beer In Baltimore (.com), new offerings at the excellent Pratt Street Ale House. The Chelsea Best Bitter may or may not be on tap, its been popular. In its stead will be "Golden Glory" an English wheat beer infused with root ginger.

-- As noted in the MABN Hop Tips email, Georgia's Terrapin Brewing will be selling their beers in Virginia in August.

-- Gilly's in Rockville is introducing Thirsty Thursdays for a limited time. Come in and try something new out of the bottle and enjoy no corking fees for beer and wine. New arrivals this week include Clipper City Big DIPA, Victory Wild Devil and Smuttynose Baltic Porter.

-- The Midnight Sun reviews some potential beer warm to hotspots in Hampden's 13.5% and The Reserve.

-- The proper pronunciation of Duvel is Doo-vle, not Doo-velle. I always screw that up!

-- DC Beer is on a roll. There's this great "Beer Drinker's guide to DC's 2009 Restaurant Week" and several great DC beer maps:

Capitol Hill




H Street

U Street

And be sure to check out the DC Happy Hours feature. Great stuff. Bookmark it!

-- A Beer In Hand checks out Baltimore Tap House (formerly Growlers). Sounds like a decent tap selection.

-- Finally, I spent a decent amount of time this weekend downtown at Max's, Mahaffey's, finally got to check out Pratt Street Ale House and the water taxi thing. Remind me to add some thoughts on all that at some point this week!


Hat tip to the MABN Hop Tips email, lots-o-items in there

-- Thursday August 13th -- Flying Dog's In-Heat Wheat and Double Dog Pale Ale compete in the monthlong Bar Louie (D.C.) best local beer competition involving Flying Dog, Dogfish Head, Hook and Ladder and more. 6 PM

-- Saturday August 15th -- Flying Dog returns to RFD's (D.C.) "Charity for Children's Hospital", starting at 10 AM

-- Monday August 17th, Rogue Beer Dinner at the Lemongrass (Crofton), tickets at Staples Corner Liquors ($45/person), 7-9 PM, 410-721-1858

-- Thursday August 20th is Washington D.C.'s "Brew at the Zoo", 35+ breweries offering samples, commemorative mug, music. Proceeds to the zoo. Food from Armand's Pizzeria, Hard Times Cafe, Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company. Time: 6-9 PM

-- Friday September 11th -- Japanese beer and sake tasting at Gilly's

-- Saturday September 12th -- Maryland Microbrew Fest Homebrew competition entries due. Competition to be held at Union Mills Homestead Sept. 26th. Limited to two beer styles, Scottish 80/- and Belgian Dubbel. Best of show to be made by Dog Pub and served at Buffalo Wild Wings locations in Maryland.

-- Saturday September 12th -- DuClaw Real Ale Festival, 12-4 PM for unlimited samples and food, "13 breweries, 25-some firkins" suggested buy the tickets in advance.

-- Saturday September 19th -- Beer and Bacon fest at Clipper City in celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day. Special firkins, 12 taps, live music, $40/person includes everything from noon to 4 PM. Tickets on sale now (410-247-7822)

-- September 24th to 26th -- The biggest beer party of the year goes off again in Denver, the Great American Beer Festival.

-- Saturday September 26th -- Das Best Oktoberfest at the National Harbor with three times the amount of beer as last year, double the selection, triple the amount of food plus a VIP-only tent for specialty beers and perks. Extra beer tokens for German attire, noon to 8 PM

-- Saturday September 26th -- Maryland Microbrew Fest at Union Mills, 4th annual "on 16 acres of open beautiful parkland". Twelve breweries with 25+ kinds of beer plus food, music, brewing seminars. Time: 11 AM to 7 PM, advance tickets for $18, non-beer tickets just $5

-- Another reminder, Baltimore Beer Week from October 8th through 18th

-- Saturday October 10th -- Oktoberfest at Gilly's. Musical live entertainment as they taste German and domestic Oktoberfest beers.

-- Saturday October 10th -- Das Best Oktoberfest in Timonium. See above, noon to 8 PM.

The Bruery Is In Maryland!

At least, at Max's. I was there this Saturday afternoon and spotted several Bruery 750ml bottles in the fridge. Hopefully they'll be a fixture and not some cruel tease.

Update: Bruery owner Patrick Rue comments below to confirm that The Bruery is officially in Maryland!