September 30, 2009

Reminder: Frisco Grille Pint Night

They'll be featuring Evolution Brewing, free pint w/first Evolution purchase starting at 7 PM until glassware disappears. I might be there, looking forward to their Pale Ale although the ESB should be on tap as well.

Sierra Nevada Chico Estate Harvest

On tap at Frisco Grille, apparently a fairly limited release. I'll let them explain it below:

Estate Ale is one of the world’s only estate-made beers, brewed with 100% all-natural, hops and barley grown on-site at the brewery in Chico, CA.

Inspired by the renowned winemaking region of its Napa and Sonoma neighbors, Sierra Nevada is the first brewery to develop its own terroir. This beer is brewed with ingredients that reflect the flavors of the environment and the seasonal rhythms of nature.

Got it? I thought this was just OK, Sierra Nevada just seems to have a certain acidic bite to their hoppier offerings, which was fortunately toned down on this, steady malt profile perhaps balancing out the hops but it was just missing something. Beautiful lacing though, so the visuals were great.

Beer Notes

--- Bomber tonight (WED) at Mahaffey's (Canton) is Southern Tier Pumking ($12). Be sure to check the website Thursday for all their Baltimore Beer Week events, 'lotsa cask conditioned stuff and give-aways'. There's still room for the Flying Dog bus trip. They still have a few more Oktoberfest beers to go through, but winter ales are just around the corner. They'll open at noon on Sunday, including the kitchen.

--- As usual, Thursday is 'Thirsty Thursday' at Gilly's (Rockville), no corking fee on bottled beer (normally $2). Right now they have Dogfish Punkin, Clipper City The Great Pumpkin and Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale available.

Be sure to also check out 'Gilly-Tober-Fest' on Saturday October 10th from 4-7 PM. There will be a band, food from next door (Urban BBQ Oktober style brats & kraut), some wines and beers from Flying Dog, Starr Hill, Dominion, Weyerbacher, The Bruery and Clipper City.

--- DC's Birch & Barley/Churchkey, fabled beer extravaganza, may finally be coming into place. Lots of interesting info at YFGF to peruse ('555 unique labels, 50 draught beers, 5 cask lines, many exclusive vintage and obscure offerings, three distinct temperature zones).

--- EXCELLENT Baltimore Beer Week rundown (333 events!) from organizer Alexander Mitchell at Beer In Baltimore. Its overwhelming, I need to sit down soon and plot out where I'll be headed.


--- The Big Kahuna, Baltimore Beer Week, October 10th-18th, 300+ events

--- Flying Dog beer dinner at Ellicott City's The Diamondback Tavern Tuesday October 13th at 7 PM. Five courses all created specifically to pair with five different Flying Dog beers and the chef will uses Flying Dog in his preparations. Price is $45/person plus tax/gratuity.

--- Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th, Frederick Octoberfest at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Cost is $5/person, free with authentic dirndl or lederhosen. German food, oompah bands, and specially brewed Oktoberfest beers from Barley & hops, Brewers Alley, DuClaw, Flying Dog and Wild Goose.

Max's Baltimore Beer Week Schedule

OCT 8-18, 2009
EVENTS:Details of each event will be e-mail soon.
Heavy Seas Beer tasting 5-8pm
Whitemarsh Brewing co. Trivia Night 8-11pm
North Coast Tasting 5-8pm
Global Brewers Night 8-11pm
OCT 10
12 Percent Imports Tasting 3-6pm
The Bruery Special Tasting6-10pm
OCT 11
Shelton Brothers Imports Rare Beer Tsting 3-6pm
Olivers Ales 3-6pm
Oskar Blues Brewery Oak Aged Tasting 6-10pm
OCT 12
Weyerbacher Brewery happy Hour 5-7pm
Troegs Brewery Night 7-9pm
OCT 13
Brewers Art Seasonal Night 7-9pm
B United Int Imports:Tuesday Beer Social 6-10pm
Cape Ann Brewery Special Event 8-11pm
OCT 14
Flying Dog Tasting 5-8pm
A Three Brewery Night: Lancaster/Evolution/Otter Creek 8-11pm
OCT 15
Boulder Brewery Blowout 5-8pm
Stone Brewery Special Releases Night 8-11pm
Merchant Du Vin Trivia Night 8-11pm
OCT 16
Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada Special Drafts 5-8pm
Laguinitas Cask Night 8-11pm
Brooklyn Brewery Tasting 5-8pm
OCT 17
Magic Hat Brewery Tasting 3-6pm
Duvel USA Tasting 3-6pm
Ommegang Tasting 6-10pm
OCT 18
Ravens and Rare Beer Tasting 1-4pm(Reservation only, 50 People max. email to reserve a space)
Pyramid Tasting 3-6pm
Dominion Pint Night Sampling 3-6pm

September 29, 2009


If he weren't my brother I'd be insanely jealous ... my brother and some friends hopped off to Europe to experience several destinations this week including Oktoberfest in Germany.

Needless to say I've received a few brief --if excited -- emails the last few days.


He's a little bit later to great beer than myself, but at every opportunity to experience the good stuff he dives right in, visiting here in Baltimore and making treks to D.C. when in town and enjoying every minute of it. He also went out of his way on our summer road trip into the American Southwest to help me find some superb beer destinations where we didn't expect many. Some of it was just being supportive but his passion is clearly there and its cool to share that with him, I really didn't expect that since he has so many other interests although he's always indulged my whimsies, being a better brother than myself.

It doesn't hurt he lives in the beer nirvana that is San Diego County but he's been a fun convert and shares with me interesting stuff he finds along the way. So now its fun to sit back and see him experience all that and have a great time, and hear about how things were once he returns.


Baltimore Beer Week Interview

Really good stuff from and SoYeahDood two local beer bloggers, talking to several of the Baltimore Beer Week founding fathers --- Joe Gold, Rob Kasper and Volker Stewart who heads Brewer's Art.

Listen in

September 28, 2009

Howard County Help

A reader sent me an email the other day, they're new to the area, just moved to Ellicott City.

They're interested in homebrewing clubs in the area (particularly ones that get together to drink good beer, he has some good stuff in his cellar he'd hate to drink alone). Can anyone help on this? I'm not really too familiar with the homebrew clubs, I know there are several out there but not sure how they sort themselves out geographically and whatnot.


Maryland Picks Up Huge Great American Beer Fest Wins

First of all, HUGE congrats to Frederick's Flying Dog which won 'Mid-Size Brewing Company and Mid-Size Brewing Company Brewer of the Year'. They deserve it.

The awards list

Other award-winning beers from Maryland:

Brewer's Alley IPA --- Bronze, English-Style IPA
Clipper City Marzhon --- Bronze, Vienna Style Lager
DOG Brewing Co. Pub Dog Black Dog Stout --- Bronze, Classic Irish Style Dry Stout
Flying Dog Horn Dog Vintage 2007 --- Gold, Aged Beer
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest --- Gold, German Style Marzen
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter --- Gold, Imperial Stout
Flying Dog Barrel Aged Gonzo --- Silver, Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer

Beer Notes

--- Be sure to follow Baltimore Beer Guy on Twitter @MDbeerspotter and as a friendly shout out, also check out Woodberry Kitchen's Twitter.

--- Beer consumption by country, a representation

--- Dogfish Punkin and Southern Tier Cherry Saison are on tap at Gilly's

--- DCBeer has undergone a redesign and just launched a pretty cool newsletter worth signing up for if you like venturing into DC for their excellent beer offerings. Check out their review of the nifty and novel canned beer only offerings (good ones!) at the Red Derby.

For a sneak peak, here's their tap findings this week around DC featured in the email:

- Birreria Paradiso in Georgetown is going strong on Victory Brewing Company beers -- they've got Victory Festbier, Victory Kolsch, Victory Scarlet Fire Rauchbier, Victory St. Victorious and Victory Prima Pils
- Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont has a new 21 Amendment beer Back in Black!
has Speak Easy Midnight Run India Black Ale and Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Farmhouse Ale.
- Black Squirrel has Weyebacher Imperial Pumpkin on tap

--- Ruddy Duck Brewery in Southern Maryland (Solomon's Island) has a new tap: 'Helles' German style lager. They also have Belgian Dubbel, Imperial Stout, Belgium Trippel, Pale Ale and IPA on tap. Coming soon: Oyster Oatmeal Stout (!), Hefe, Martzen LAger and Pilsner. I've added their taplist (hopefully they'll keep that up to date) on the menu at right under 'Online Beer Lists' that highlights establishments that are smart enough to electronically keep their customers informed of whats on tap.

--- Speaking of Eastern Shore, this Wednesday Delaware's Evolution Brewing is the featured brewery at Frisco Grille's Pint Night (starting at 7 PM). Their Lucky 7 Porter has been popping up on tap all over town but I look forward to trying their Primal Pale Ale.

Max's Tuesday Beer Social

This Tuesday's Max's Beer Social (6 PM Mobtown Lounge) is Laughing Dog Brewery. They are the only place to get kegs of this.

Laughing Dog CSB - Bitter/ESB
Laughing Dog Apha Dog - Imperial IPA
Laughing Dog Dogzilla - Black IPA
Laughing Dog St. Benny Labby Abbey - Belgian Style Ale (awfully generic there!)

Olivers ESB
Brew Dog Paradoz Isle of Arran
Victory Storm King Stout
Stoudts Abbey Triple
Stoudts Double IPA
Stoudts Fat Dog
Coney Island Sword Sallower
Boulder Pass Time pale
Boulder Singletrack Copper
Bockor Jacobins Cuvee Rouge
Brew Dog Paradox Smokehead
Monschrof Kellerbrau
Monschrof Festbier
Gordon Biersch Pilsner
Gordon Biersch Marzen
Gordon Biersch Festbier
Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen
Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock
Atwater Cherry Stout
Avery The Beast
Dogfish Head Festina Pesche
Stone Vertical Epic 09/09/09


1)Stone 090909 Vertical Epic (L) and Clipper City 'Great Pumpkin' on cask (R). Great Pumpkin wasn't bad but I definitely am not a pumpkin beer fan. Its not too over-the-top, which makes it suitable.

2 & 3)Flier for Mahaffey's Baltimore Beer Week bus trip to Flying Dog, sounds interesting

4)Another picture of the Great Pumpkin

5)Gordon Biersch tap handle, new to Maryland bars! Pretty elaborate but it doesn't show well in the pic, delivered by a rep while I was there.

6)Stroh's can. You don't see that too often.

7)Was a little bored by the taps, went with a Unibroue Trois Pistoles.

8)Orval, in appropriate glassware! One of the best beers in the world.


Blue Hill Tavern

1)One row of taps at Blue Hill Tavern (first floor)

2)Flowing water display behind liquor wall (first floor)

3)Picture of my Magic Hat seasonal beer, apparently beet juice was added

4)Taplist (blurry, apologies), about 12 beers, mostly common stuff but the Magic Hat was tasty.


Blue Hill Tavern is a relatively new establishment in Canton in the Brewer's Hill neighborhood. They have complimentary valet parking. Its really classy looking, very open air (at least while the weather is nice) high ceilings, two floors, and some nice city views in the upstairs dining area.

There is an upstairs bar and a first floor bar stocked with the 12 or so tap beers and a few bottled offerings. Its a beautiful place, worth a stop for a beer or two.

Off Topic: Utz Crab Chips

Interesting eat, just a touch spicy but the seasoning isn't so over the top.

September 23, 2009

Pratt Street Ale House Bishops Breakfast Oatmeal Stout

Good stuff, not sticky sweet or heavy like a lot of oatmeal stouts can get, wonderful head thanks to the nitro, dark and foreboding but definitely drinkable, classic roast flavor, a touch of bitterness, flavorful, but not over the top.

Red Beer!

Freaktoberfest, an Oktoberfest style beer that is red in color but tastes, well, normal.

Be on the lookout.

Woodberry Kitchen Outdoor Sausage Festival

Another update from the fine folks at Woodberry Kitchen, one of the more hyped and beloved restaurants in Baltimore among the foodies. I seriously need to get over there. Anyway, the details:

Sunday October 18th from 3-5 PM (the Ravens are at the Vikings at 1 PM, no home game to drag you away from this) Woodberry Kitchen is hosting an 'outdoor sausage festival' and no, not the sophomoric humor kind.

It will include live music and more importantly, beer! Beer selection TBD, but its a free admission event and will include grilled sausages from both local makers and others made in-house. Fitting a decidedly socially conscious establishment, there will be vegetarian options. ByTheWay, one of the best sausages I've ever had was this summer a seafood sausage at Alioto's along the Wharf in San Francisco. Who knew?

Food and drink are available by purchase, but they're committed to making it affordable for just about anyone. No reservations needed, bring the whole gang via car (or the light rail, apparently they're near a stop, nice), and enjoy.

As with any event listed on here, feel free to report back via comments how things went.

September 22, 2009


Max's Tuesday Beer Social this week is Chouffe, including the head brewer straight out of Belgium!

La Chouffe
Houblon Chouffe
Duvel Green
Mardesous Blonde
Mardesous 8
Ommegang Witte
Ommegang Hennepin
Mc Chouffe
Cave Aged Hennepin
Cave Aged Abbey
and we may have a few special beers.......
See you All Tuesday.
As always we start at 6pm in the Mobtown Lounge.

September 21, 2009

Frisco Grille Broken Into

Was just trading casual texts with an employee there, apparently someone broke into Frisco Grille Monday morning.


I'm not sure the damage but that's so ridiculous, I mean its in a strip center in freaking Columbia. That is someone's business (in this case, owner Adam Carton, really nice guy). I'll never understand the criminal impulse.

I have literally nothing to offer but I'll conjure up some goodies (giveaway bottle openers? glassware? let me work on it) if for some inane reason somebody reading this has information leading to an arrest.

My email is on the menu at right under "contact". Be sure to let the Howard County/Columbia police know as well.

Update: The thief got away with a safe. Way to go loser.

September 19, 2009

Dogfish Head Alehouse Gaithersburg Charity

On Thursday September 22nd, in conjunction with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, 15% of all Dogfish Head Alehouse (Gaithersburg MD location) sales will be donated.

DuClaw Goes Viral

YouTube channel and a foot race to see who wore pink panties (gasp!) at last weekend's Real Ale Fest.

Philly's Oktoberfest

Almost belated on this, but Philadelphia is celebrating Oktoberfest, all kinds of good beer (Philadelphia, duh).

Saturday September 19th, two sessions 1 PM and 6 PM at 23rd Street Armory in Center City

$50 at the door includes unlimited samples + 1 LG cup of Spaten

Designated drivers $15

Music, beer, biergarten, dancing, food, you know the drill.

Brewer's Alley Oktoberfest Beer Dinner

Frederick's Brewer's Alley is hosting an Oktoberfest beer dinner Tuesday October 6th. The first seating is at 530 PM, the second at 730 PM.

$45/person plus tax and gratuity, reservations required (301)631-0089

Dorsey's German bratwurst and knackwurst fresh from Dorsey's meats in Woodsboro MD served w/sauerkraut, warm fingerling potato salad and Dusseldorf mustard (Kolsch)

Bavarian lentil soup w/braised rabbit, German rye and pumpernickel breads (Dunkleweizen)

Sweet and sour beets, smoked bacon, D'anjou pears and red oak leaves topped with a crispy potato cake drizzled with chive sour cream dressing (21 Cherries)

Idaho rainbow trout schnitzel, kaese spaetzel, braised red cabbage and hazelnut brown butter (Pilsner)

Braised beef sauerbraten, Kartoffel Kloesse potato dumplings, roasted carrots in Nut Brown Ale and caramelized brussel sprouts (Wedding Alt)

Oma's apple-walnut strudel, Quark cheese creme anglaise (Oktoberfest)

September 18, 2009

More Woodberry Kitchen

I should also mention they have a Facebook page.

Mahaffey's Waynestock and Other Items

This Saturday (9/19/2009) is 'Waynestock' at Mahaffey's in Canton.

The hall has been rented, the orchestra engaged. Now it's time to see if you can dance.
Baltimore Beer Week in less than a month. Sign up for that badass Flying Dog brewery tour today!!!!!!!! Just E-Mail me back. The best $20 ever spent. Tru dat.
Sunday football.

The Oktoberfest beers keep coming and we are already moving into bigger and darker stuff. I will be getting one more keg of Lancaster because a panel of experts (plus me) named it the best domestic Oktoberfest offering this year.
Speaking of accolades, did you see the City Paper this morning? Mahaffey's was named as having the Best Restaurant Beer List! I've always loved the City Paper. Very astute publication.
Later this week, we will be putting on Sierra Nevada Chico Estate Harvest. This one was made with hops out of their back yard! They swore it would never leave CA, but here 'tis. Don't miss out. Also coming on tap this weekend is Stone Vetical Epic 09/09/09. Both very limited offerings!!!!!!!!!

Update: Here's some more info on the Flying Dog tour thing -- For $20, you get a Flying Dog pint at Mahaffey's (featuring a vintage keg of last year's Snow Goose), a bus trip to the FD brewery, beer on the bus and back, a complimentary pint glass, a VIP brewery tour and unlimited samples and snacks in their tasting room. WOW! Doors open at 2PM and the bus will leave at 3 arriving back at 8 or so. Please E-Mail me for reservations.

Flying Dog Item

Flying Dog Beer Dinner at Alexandra's Restaurant at Turf Valley Resort

Saturday September 26th 2009, $45/person, reservations required

The menu

Cheese reception (featuring international & domestic cheeses)

Baby spinach Salad w/walnut & balsamic viniagrette and roasted pears w/stilton (Snake Dog IPA)

Veal sausage, dijon mustard spaetzel & braised red cabbage (Dogtoberfest)

Smoked breast of duck served w/potato puree, roasted asparagus and pumpkin seeds (Double Dog Pale Ale)

Dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake (Gonzo Imperial Porter)

The Perfect Pour Items

Via Email:

Beer tasting Saturday September 19th 3-7 PM

Join Steven from Ommegang to tast their Belgian style beers like Witte, 3 Philosophers and more.

Also, they now carry a 'wide selection of 1/6 BBL kegs for your kegerator' plus many on special order. Now available: 21st Ammendment IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5, Hoptical Illusion, North Coast Red Seal, Dogfish Head 60 and 90 minute, Troeg's Troegenator, Troegs Rugged Trail, Magic Hat #9, Flying Dog Belgian IPA (!!!), Allagash White.

Baltimore Beer Week October 8-18th

Check out the details on their website, Baltimore Beer Week. Also check out our special events on our website during the Baltimore Beer Week

Oct 9th 5-8pm Clipper City Brewery
Oct 13 3pm Hacker Pschorr Beer
Oct 14th 2pm - Flying Dog Brewery
Oct 15th 3pm Paulner Beers
Oct 16th 4-7pm Stone Brewing

Perfect Pour Fall Festival - Oct 10th 2-6pm

We will be hosting a Beer Festival & that will be featuring Troeg's, Flying Dog, Woodchuck Ciders, Saranac & Lake Placid, Weyerbacher and the great imported beers from Merchant du Vin.

Perfect Pour Re-Grand Opening Oct 23 from 5-8pm
Fess Parker & Epiphany Cellars Tasting & Beer Tasting

Join us for a wonderful evening with Ashley Parker. Come meet Ashley Parker from Fess Parker Vineyards and taste her wines along with her brother Eli's wine, Epiphany. And join us to taste some great beers from around the world. We will also be featuring some of the wonderful food from Cafe de Paris.

Beers at Woodberry Kitchen!

OK so if you follow the foodie websites or Elizabeth Large's blog at the Baltimore Sun, you know about Woodberry Kitchen. Its hyper-local, creative cuisine. I haven't stopped by yet so I can't vouch but the adoration is pretty much cranked up to 11 wherever I see mention of them.

Anyway, they reached out, out of the blue and have let me know about their excellent beer situation. I didn't realize they were into it so this is pretty cool to hear about. Anyway, here's how it goes right now:

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest
Troeg's Dead Reckoning Porter (awesome)
Smuttynose IPA
Claypipe Backfin Pale Ale
Victory Prima Pils

and always (not local...but good) Anchor Steam.

All are on tap...another is coming soon...I'll keep you posted...

So if the beer thing was a reason to hesitate before visiting them, perhaps its time to reconsider. Many thanks to their representative Andreas. I'll try and maintain communication and if they get more cool stuff or have some beer news items to pass along, I can hopefully relay that.

Clipper City Baltimore Beer Week News

Massive pool of Clipper City items via email here:

Kick Off Party Thursday October 8th, 8-10 PM hosted by the Brewer's Association of Maryland

Your $10 advance ticket gets you a commemorative pint glass, a free buffet and your first pint of Maryland brewed beer free. Tickets will be available at the door but no guarantee on the souvenir pint glass.

This event will be held at the Pratt St Ale House 206 W. Pratt St
To get your tickets in advance, contact the Clipper City Brewery 410 247-7822 or at the Pratt St Ale House.

* * * * *

Brunch and Brewery Tour Sunday October 11th 11 AM - 2 PM at the Clipper City Brewery

Join the crew for a sustainable 5 Course brunch and brewery tour featuring the bounty of Maryland's Autumn Harvest prepared by Mick T. Pirate from Whiskey Island paired with the Extra AAAAAArgdinary Beers of Heavy Seas. A truly Gastronomical Maryland Adventure featuring Locally Grown Food paired with Locally Brewed Beer!!!

$20 in advance.
For ticket and menu info visit our events page

* * * * *

Blues and Brews Night Wednesday October 15th 8-12 PM at the 8x10 in Federal Hill

oin us for this exciting music event featuring Big Daddy Stallings & The Bluez Evolution Band and Black Falls. Only $10 per ticket and it includes your first Clipper City beer on the house! There will be cool giveaways every hour. Doors at 7pm, Showtime starts around 8pm.

Tickets available at Ticketmaster or the 8x10 Box Office

* * * * *
Win Tickets

Win tickets to the sold out Opening Tap Event on board the USS Constellation. Boog Powell will tap the First Firkin (provided by Clipper City) with a very special ceremonial beer hammer handcrafted by John Gasparine.
Join the eNewsletter on Baltimore Beer Week before Oct 1 to be eligible to win.

* * * * *
Secret Treasure

Our brewers have been experimenting in secret with aging our Heavy Seas beers in wooden bourbon and wine barrels. The results are very special 'one time only' firkins.
The Great Pumpkin, Peg Leg and other Heavy Seas beers will be available as firkins at certain events through out Baltimore Beer Week.
Be sure to watch for these unique firkins!

* * * * *
Thurs 10/8
Pint Night - Max's 5 - 8pm, Fells Point
Kick Off Party - Pratt St Ale House 8 - 10pm
Fri 10/9
Firkin Friday - Koopers 5 - 8pm Fells Point
Free Tasting - Perfect Pour 5 - 8pm Columbia
Sat 10/10
BAM Oktoberfest 11 - 7pm Timonium
Sun 10/11
Brunch & Brewery Tour 11 - 2pm Clipper City
Mon 10/12
Meet the Brewery - Mahaffey's 3 - 7pm Canton
PreGame w/ Hugh - Alonzo's 5 - 8pm
Free Tasting - Honeygo Wine 7 - 9pm
Tues 10/13
Berthas Peg Leg has Mussels - Bertha's 5 - 8pm
Beer Dinner hosted by Hugh - Mothers 7pm
Wed 10/14
Firkin Night - Lures 5 - 8pm Crownsville
Meet the Brewery - CCs Tavern 6 - 9pm Essex
Blues & Brews - 8x10 8 - 12 Federal Hill
Thurs 10/15
Back to our Roots w/ Hugh - Ryleighs Fed Hill
Pint Night - Cats Eye Pub 9 - 11pm Fells Point
Fri 10/16
Meet the Brewery-Judge's Bench 5-8 Ellicott City
Free Tasting w/ Hugh-Wine Source 5-8 Hampden
Sat 10/17
10/17 Chesapeake Real Ale Fest 1 - 6pm
Visit our website for event details. Some events will require advance tickets. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Gilly's Items

From the excellent, sneaky good Gilly's in Rockville

Jerome beers (Argentina) have arrived, Belgian style in White, Red and Strong styles.

As always, every Thursday is Thirsty Thursday with no corking fee if you enjoy a bottle of beer or wine inside the shop to go along with their great sandwiches, cheeses and other items.

If you're on their email list there's also a coupon this week for a free daught beer with a purchase of $15 or more.

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere is now on tap.

New arrivals: Abita Pecan Harvest, Troegs Java Head, Stone Vertical Epic, Leinenkugel Oktoberfest, Jerome Diablo Strong Ale, Jerome Rubia Pale Ale, Jerome Roja Red Ale

Beer History and Appreciation Class

Hosted by Nick Nichols (, in conjunction with Baltimore Beer Week

Future dates include September 24th and October 7th and Howard Community College (Gateway Campus)


Wednesday October 14th, 630-930 PM, $55/person at Howard County Community College/Laurel Campus.

Victoria Gastro Pub Items

From the email:

We Are Participating in Baltimore Beer Week!

The inaugural Baltimore Beer Week will start on October 8th, 2009 with 11 full days celebrating "All Things Beer in the Land of Pleasant Living". What originally started as a simple idea for a Baltimore beer club has now become the inaugural Baltimore Beer Week. This promises to be one of the most exciting events the Baltimore region has ever seen. Victoria Gastro Pub is one of the sponsors of Beer Week and is hosting 15 different breweries. Come taste many unique and rare beer offerings with limited availability and talk with the brewery representatives.

The breweries will also be offering many FREE giveaways.

Beer Week Events Hosted at Victoria Gastro Pub:

Thursday, October 8th – North Coast at 5:30pm
Friday, October 9th
– Stoudts at 5:30pm
Saturday, October 10th
– Lagunitas at 12:00pm & St. Bernardus at 7:00pm
Sunday, October 11th
– Oliver Ales at 11:00am & Dogfish Head at 7:30pm
Monday, October 12th
Flying Dog at 5:30pm
Tuesday, October 13th
– Otter Creek at 5:30pm
Wednesday, October 14th
– Unibroue at 5:30pm
Thursday, October 15th
Clipper City at 5:30pm
Friday, October 16th
– Brewdog/Coopers Ales at 5:30pm
Saturday, October 17th
– Troegs at 11:00am & Saranac at 7:00pm
Sunday, October 18th
– Rogue at 12:00 Lancaster at 7:30pm


They're on Facebook


Tuesday, October 6th Schneider Beer Dinner


I have their beer menu (.pdf) linked on the right under "online beer lists" a terrific resource of beer bars that maintain updated beer lists so you can see in advance what is on tap. Everyone should be doing this but in the meantime I'm happy to link to those who go to the trouble so we don't have to. Kudos.

Max's German Fest Update

From the email. Hacker-Pschorr Hef is one of my all-time favorites, had it on tap once at a Champps in Chicago, fell in love:

We are half way through the first day of our 2nd Annual German beers fest and it is going great, I though I would drop you a quick e-mail about the gravity kegs we will be tapping for tomorrow.
Fischer Greuth lager
Bayer Theinheim Unfiltered Lager
Kraus Hirschaid Lager
Spezial Bamberg Rauchbier
Zehender Monchsambach Amber lager
Schneider Edel Weisse(Wooden Gravity)
Hofstetten Hochzeitsbier 1810-Tapped today -not much left
Reissdorf Koelsch-Tapped Today-Not much left
Also, we have a few changes to the menu,
Einbecker Urbock Dunkel
Wurzburger Pils
Baynof Berliner Weisse
Julius Echter Hefeweizen
Hacker Pschorr hefeweizen
becks Oktoberfest
I hope to see you all, either later toinght or over the next two days. Cheers
Please check out our website, for info on Our Battle for the battles.
Ron, Jess and Jason are kayaking for a great cause, check it out.

September 16, 2009

Max's 2nd Annual German Beer Fest

Almost forgot! I missed this last year, will smack myself if I miss it again this year.

Max's 2nd Annual German Beer Fest

September 18-20, 2009 11am-close (2am) each day
We will be featuring over 80 Authentic German Beers on Draft
Over 70 Authentic German Beers in Bottles
and a full German Inspired food menu.
We will be offering 12oz Sample mugs, 1 Liter Steins, 1 Liter Boots and 2 Liter Boots.
Full Draft list TBA....Soon

September 15, 2009

Welcome, Mobbie Visitors!

Hmmm, so I've been nominated for a Mobbie - MOB -Maryland's Outstanding Blogs, get it? by good blogpal Brent at HowChow, another excellent blog (bookmark it, friends). Its a contest created by the Baltimore Sun, if that adds any legitimacy.

Anyway, I guess voting starts today, Baltimore Beer Guy is under the 'foodie' category, so vote for me and stuff. Vote your conscience really.

Update: Er, I'm a little confused. Voting starts September 25th, whats going on right now is a nominating process. Apologies for (my) confusion.

Max's Tuesday Beer Social A No Go

Max's usual Tuesday Beer Social is a no-go this week as they prep for the German beer fest thing. I'll have more details on that in a bit, strangely omitting it from reference on here (bad, bad Baltimore Beer Guy).

Boots and liters and steins, oh my!

Next week's will be interesting though with the brewer from Chouffe.

September 11, 2009

Saturday Reminder

DuClaw Real Ale Festival and Flying Dog's Gonzofest are both happening Saturday September 12th.

September 9, 2009

Flying Dog Pint Night at Frisco Grille Recap

As the saying goes, good times were had by all. Frisco Grille patrons set some kind of record sucking down Dogtoberfest Marzen's. I was particular to the "CENSORED" Belgian IPA. They'll have a name for it eventually but are still fighting with the labeling police.

I talked quite a bit with FD rep Matt who several establishments have vouched as an awesome rep so yay Matt.

Its interesting because Flying Dog recognizes that its not at that state where if people ask what is the Maryland beer, they'll say "Flying Dog". Right now its some combination of (ngggggghhhhh) Natty Boh, or Clipper City or maybe even a few others (oh how I wish Brewer's Art had more reach). There's no shame in being second fiddle to the great Clipper City mind you, but they're aware they have a great deal of reach and a great product and are slowly making themselves a known Maryland commodity instead of this Colorado, sometimes Maryland hybrid rep they carry at present.

Regardless, good stuff. Four excellent local brews on tap, good conversation and the better side of libation in one neat presentation, no frills of course.

Weeping Radish Eco Farm and Brewey at DC's Brickskeller

There will be an "Oktoberfest" tasting at Washington D.C.'s The Brickskeller on September 22nd and 23rd (6PM) featuring Weeping Radish Eco Farm and Brewery.

There's a lot of words explaining a lot of things in the email about this but we'll condense: its an eco friendly farm, butcher, etc. the vogue thing now, no harm of course. Farm is out of North Carolina, owner is an interesting speaker if you're interested in attending the event, and makes some good German style beers.

DuClaw New Beer: Twisted Kilt

Its a scotch ale --- "smoky malt, thick caramel flavor"

Debuts at all four DuClaw locations on Wednesday September 16th and Thursday September 17th from 6 or 7 PM to close. If you're part of the email chain thing-y they have giveaways and whatnot. Apparently this month is a Twisted Kilt t-shirt.

September 8, 2009

Flying Dog Brewery Tour/Tasting Room Changes

It's gotten stupid busy at Flying Dog's brewery on Saturdays so they've modified the routine.

In: two tour sessions, from 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm, brewery/tasting room closed from 1-2 to clean up

Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis and a maximum of 120 people will be let in.

Tours will be given at 11:30am, 11:45am and 12:00noon, and each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes

Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis and a maximum of 120 people will be let in.

Tours will be given at 2:30pm, 2:45pm and 3:00pm, and each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes

My only question is does that mean loitering is over/mandatory tour participation? What about the folks who just want to get some growler fills?

Flying Dog Pint Night at Frisco Grille

This Wednesday, Flying Dog pint night at Frisco Grille in Columbia. Flying Dog's website promises the delicious Belgian IPA, the Dogtoberfest and a few others. Frisco's policy is the first purchase of the featured beer after 7 PM nets you a free pint glass from the featured brewer while supplies last.

It's a great lineup of pint nights this month at Frisco Grille, with Troegs next week, Unibroue the following week and fairly new Delaware creation Evolution Brewing the final week in September.

There's some goodies on tap right now including the 21st Ammendment Watermelon Wheat, plus a TON of interesting items in queue. The Pratt Street Ale House offerings definitely intrigue.

September 2, 2009

Real Time Warsteiner Oktoberfest

Pit stop at Frisco Grille fresh off a bumpy flight from south Florida.

Sweet, medium crisp mouthfeel, great pilsnerish malt aroma