March 23, 2008

What's In Your Fridge?

Since Baltimore Beer Guy is new and has maybe one reader, it's doubtful anyone will reply to this query. We press on, however, since content is king.

What's in your fridge?

It's an ever-changing situation in my fridge as the supply is occasionally drained and the assets liquefied. At present are 1-3 bottles of the following:

La Fin Du Monde (Unibroue/Quebec)
Hop Wallop (Victory Brewing Co./PA)
Hoegaarden (Belgium)
Blue Moon (Coors/CO)
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head/DE)
Troegs Nugget Nectar Ale (Troegs/PA)
Green Flash West Coast IPA (Green Flash/CA)
Stone Ruination IPA (Stone Brewing Co./CA)
Guinness Extra Stout (Guinness/Ireland)

There's nothing particularly special about this group of beers other than they are all quality brews. What I do find interesting is the variety within the group. In a single sitting we can go from Belgian Wit styled beers to massively hopped West Coast IPA's and a fantastic East Coast IPA to the classic Irish stout and then a finely crafted golden ale. These beers span the states and the world.

Thanks to the creativity and craftsmanship of brewers through history and into today our society has developed a taste for quality beers and an amazing variety of them. In turn, this demand has created a fairly efficient market and marketplace that makes their collective nationwide and worldwide availability possible. But a market will always live and die with the consumer, so my message in closing is to consume!

Buy locally, but also buy globally. Try new beers (do your research so the names at the store aren't overwhelming) and keep that market alive so everyone can continue to enjoy this unique time in the history of beer consumption.

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Steve said...

I have my fridge split half and half right now. On top I got beers I NEED to drink soon for freshness sake. These would be the Nugget Nectars, Bell's Hopslams, Ruination growler, Alpine Pure Hoppiness, Brooklyn Brown Ale & East India Pale Ale, Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Black Butte Porter to name a few.

On the bottom I have beers I'm saving for down the road like the Westvleterens, a ton of Imperial Russian Stouts, Vertical Epic, some higher ABV Dogfish Head beers (ie the 120 minute IPA i'm waiting to have with you) to name a few. I Really need to buy less, or just drink more often.

BeerGuy said...

Hey, I know you!

Yeh I've let some of those IPA's sit, gotta knock them down as well as first priority.

That 120 is very tempting.

You gotta email me some stuff out here I should be on the lookout for to ship to you, I can at least put such items on a list for future beer runs.

Anonymous said...

You have two readers now. I'll be staying in DC for a week in April, so any information I can get will be put to use. Already have most of my DC drinking planned out with an overnight to Philly thrown in. Probably dry to get to B-more for part of a day too.

BeerGuy said...

Great, thanks for stopping by beer-retard!

I'll be in D.C. briefly not this coming weekend but the next weekend, doubt I'll have time for any serious beer quests, but let me know how your trip goes as far as beer and I can relay some of the details on here.

As far as B-more, definitely peruse the websites for Maryland Beer in my links. Max's is probably the most famous beerhouse in the city, just about two blocks from the water in the Fells Point neighborhood which is where a lot of bars and restaurants are. I've been there twice and enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll go again soon and offer up an actual review.

I've also got dinner reservations for the Brewer's Art downtown which is supposed to be great, that's also not this weekend but the next, hopefully if that goes well I can add that to my recommendation list.

Finally if you're in the suburbs, my favorite haunt right now is Victoria Gastro Pub. They're pricey, but have a good amount of taps (not as many good ones, but you take what you can get in the 'burbs) and bottles to peruse and I really like the vibe there.