April 21, 2008

Post-Mortem: Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival

I didn't go. I was out of town that weekend, but the Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper and colleague Steve Sullivan went. You can read their thoughts and the names of some of what they sampled here.

An amusing take from Kasper:
When I arrived at 1:30 and saw the long lines, my first impression was that this beer festival thing was becoming a new form of adult weekend recreation.
Good observation, and probably something the Sun should find a way to make an entire article out of in the future.

Whoever thought of this particular festival is a genius. The concept is simple, but it's three items that are very much Americana and make for a great time. I believe in the 60's Congress actually went to the trouble of designating Kentucky Bourbon America's official distilled beverage.

Culturally this is a good place to hold the festival anyway, in a region with Southern ties but links to both the North and the South. Craft beer seems to be much more heavily brewed and appreciated in the North, while Bourbon is more of a Southern thing. Barbeque brings everyone together. Like I said, brilliant.

Notable beers available, per Kasper: Oxford, Stone, Flying Dog, The Raven

Anyone else go? What were your thoughts?

(Image: Spider-Man, MorgueFile.com)

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