May 7, 2008

Chicago Beer Diversion

The weekend before last I was in Chicago. Other details excluded, I made two beer stops that deserve mention as this is a beer blog of sorts.

The first was at a place called Millrose in Barrington. It's a huge restaurant and brewery, with outdoor dining and this woodsy, barn look. Their applewood smoked ribs were fantastic. However, the beer was more sedate. Among their five available selections, I tried the Country Inn (Pale) Ale, which was nothing to write home about. The old man went with their Maibock which was solid.

The other stop was at RAM, a chain brewery/restaurant. Its bar area was loud, with television screens everywhere showing sports obviously. I went with their Porter, the old man went with the IPA and mom went with a Hef. All were solid, and came in oversized pint glasses. Off in the corner I spotted several empty growler bottles ready for take-home if the mood had struck.

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