May 30, 2008

Design My Logo!


This is an open invitation to anyone out there to design a logo (gratis) for Baltimore Beer Guy. Specifically, for the banner atop this site.

It looks like my banner is about 710 pixels wide, although it runs a little to the right of its area and I'm not sure why that is. I have nothing specific in mind, so feel free to keep it simple or go crazy, make a collage of represntative baltimore beer images, use standard or funky fonts for the title, etc.

If I'm submitted something that works, obviously the design will be featured on here and I'll be happy to cite your name/website/company if you're an artist, or just give you an artwork on the fridge moment and mention your name if you aren't.

Thanks, and have at it.

1 comment:

wen_m1967 said...

Have you got your logo yet? I want to have a go of it:-)