June 12, 2008

Beer Trip Update

Doing well. Doing really, really well.

Not everything we've targeted is available right now at Russian River but who cares, the place is fantastic. I'll try to resize that picture in a bit, but that's myself and Steve from Summer of Beer chilling at Russian River last night.

Other stops so far: Bear Republic, Third Street Ale Works, The Flavor Bistro (for hard-to-find beers from Moonlight Brewing) and the Toronado Brewpub in San Francisco. Today should be a big day with several possible great stops including a brewpub we heard about near Oakland, Moylan's and Lagunitas.

Anyway, more updates coming.

1 comment:

Steve said...

I hope you've done some serious damage on that notepad in this last week. I want a full SD roundup when you get back home.