June 8, 2008

My Beer Sweet Tooth

We all have a "sweet tooth", but I think after a certain age I lost much of mine. It's not like I don't enjoy certain fruit, or ice cream, or chocolate or candy, and so on. But over the years I've come to realize sweets don't pull on me the same way they do most people.

In truth, for the most part I can't stand most fruit. I think it's because generally they tend to spoil and rot pretty quick, and don't really deliver flavors to my liking straight up. I much prefer vegetables over fruit, oddly. And hearty food over sweets. As a larger issue, I simply don't seek out much "sweet" things other than the occasional binges on say, Dr. Pepper/Barq's Root Beer or a raspberry snowball at the local snowball stand.

However, one thing that occurred to me tonight while having a bottle of the Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour: beer is becoming the device by which I quench my sweet tooth. I absolutely love a Flemish Sour beer, as well as several other well crafted sweet beers. I'm talking about you, Brewer's Art Resurrection.

The Resurrection itself isn't really "sweet", but it's got some sweetness and some sourness on top of a fantastic Belgian base beer. It's ridiculously delicious and part of the enjoyment of it comes from just the right amount of sweetness in the beer. I'm hooked.

Same goes for something like a Rodenbach Grand Cru, another fabulous Flemish sour with the right kind of light sweetness. I could drink those beers all day, any day and some of their personal appeal is the sweet qualities within them.

Now, I don't seek out all sweet beers. I've never really fallen in love with most fruity lambics (enjoyable and refreshing as they are). They're just not the same. But it's interesting to think that of all things, beer is what satisfies my sweet tooth lately. It's a trip.

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