July 19, 2008

For The Resurrection Fans

Not sure how many of you out there are fans of "Resurrection" made by Brewer's Art, but I'm absolutely in love with this beer.

Most of us don't live in the city so a trek to Brewer's Art, although desirable, is not a frequent thing. Luckily I've found at least two places in Columbia that regularly feature it: Frisco Grille (which is a GREAT beer place that I'll discuss later on) and the Greene Turtle.

Feel free to argue with me, but I think it's the best regular beer in Maryland (made by Maryland brewers). Its refreshing with some sort of subdued Belgian candy sweetness as well as some tartness/sourness and complexity that makes it incredibly drinkable and enjoyable no matter the weather.

Oh, bytheway, Brewers Art's "Ozzy" is now available in bottles at The Perfect Pour. I doubt they'll stay on the shelves long so be sure to trek over there and grab one or two.

(Image via Baltimore Sun/Google Image Search)


Steve said...

Great name for a beer btw. A Belgian dark sounds pretty good right now.

K8teebug said...

This is my favorite beer, aside from Fat Tire (which unfortunetly is not available in MD).