August 22, 2008

Look What Arrived In The Mail

Want a good way to know when someone's a real friend? They send you the following, unsolicited, pure generosity of the heart type deal:

Russian River Pliny The Elder IPA (500ml bottle)
Lost Abbey Oak Barrel/Bourbon Aged Angel's Share (12.7 ounce)
Russian River Blind Pig IPA (500ml)
Founder's Devil Dancer Triple IPA (12 oz)
Firestone Union Jack IPA (12 oz)
Maui Brewing Co. CoCoNut Porter (12 oz can)


Those Russian Rivers are fairly hard to come by, particularly for us East Coast folk. In succession I now will be able to enjoy the No. 9 (Pliny), No. 11 (Angel's Share) and No. 46 (Blind Pig) beers on the planet, according to Beer Advocate users.

Having had a taste while on my trip to Santa Rosa a few months back, I'm positively giddy to dig into those Russian Rivers as well as the other offerings. I couldn't get enough Firestone while I was out there either. Maui is new to me but highly regarded and I love and respect their use of the can. Founders (out of Michigan) is also new, so that should be interesting.

And then there's the Lost Abbey, making Belgian inspired brews which has been my near obsessive focus of late. Good times.

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