August 6, 2008

Trappist Achel Tasting

I'm on a Belgian kick lately if you can't already tell.

This is a 330ml bottle of a dubbel, and I'm pouring it into a tulip glass (although a snifter probably works even better).

Ohhh yeah, big head here, lots of cool looking bubbles there. It looks a bit more like that crunchy snow that could use a little more water. Smells sort of like a lager, but with some spice. Naturally for a dubbel/bruin it's dark. Held against light reveals some purple, some burgandy, even a little green tinge.

The first taste fires right away with malty sweetness and body. It's a little tart/bitey, but not what I'd expect. Alcohol is definitely part of the flavor profile. There's a little fruit in there, oh so quiet, something between a mild apple and mild cherry. Yeah another big alcohol blast there. Normally that'd be off-putting but I've run into several beers lately that are far worse in this department.

Enjoyable so far, each sip is a little better than the last. A certain tart/sourness is pervasive, which I don't mind but is worth noting. A lot of Belgian beers seem to be that way. Nothing too sweet here, definitely a little more subdued on the sweetness compared to say, the respected Belgian dubbels. The sweetness here seems to be more from the malt than candi sugar or other additives. I love the candi sugar taste, but there's nothing to complain about here.

Refreshing stuff here.

Update: I'm a dummy sometimes. Changed from BSDA to dubbel, which was what I thought when I first tasted. Ahh, distinction. Whatever, I like dubbels, and you should too!


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