November 10, 2008

Freeze Frame

Ok so a little about my Maryland beer tastes and preferences here, a snapshot of this moment in time what Baltimore Beer Guy is all about.

The places you'd most likely find me when I'm out having a beer:

1)Frisco Grille (Columbia)
2)The Judges Bench (Ellicott City)
3)Dog Pub (Columbia) -- I'm a sucker for their IPA.
4)Victoria Gastro Pub (Columbia)

Obviously I live in Howard County ...

The places I'd most likely be if we all had those Star Trek teleport things and could get anywhere in a moment, driving wasn't an issue particularly after a few beers, etc.

1)The Brewer's Art (Mt. Vernon/Baltimore)
2)Max's (Fell's Point/Baltimore)
3)Frisco Grille
4)Mahaffey's (Canton/Baltimore)
5)Ale Mary's (Fell's Point/Baltimore)
6)Judge's Bench
7)John Steven Ltd. (Fell's Point/Baltimore)
8)Flying Dog's tasting room on Saturdays (Frederick)
9)The Owl Bar (Mt. Vernon/Baltimore)

The beer places I haven't been to yet but hunch I'd really enjoy and might enter such a list in the future:

Grand Cru (North of Downtown)
Metropolitan Coffeehouse (Federal Hill/Baltimore)
Duda's (Fell's Point/Baltimore)
Dogfish Head Alehouse (Gaithersburg)
Olney Ale House (Olney)

How about you? Comment below with your lists.

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