November 1, 2008

The Last Chance Saloon, Reborn?

This place predates my arrival in Maryland but I've read it was quite the place for craft beer nuts back in the day. At Hedgehog Report via HowChow, it looks like the shuttered establishment will take new ownership and attempt to re-open as "Second Chance Saloon".

There's even a website.

Oct 15th, 2008: We are remodeling our Saloon under new ownership, and are getting ready to reopen our establishment. Our Web Site is also under construction.

We will announce our upcoming events here shortly.
Return again to see the latest news and opening dates. Thank you.

It's tucked away in the sneaky little loops of Columbia so I'm extremely curious what it'll be like and how it will affect other Columbia and Howard County beer spots (Frisco Grille, Judge's Bench, Ellicott Mills Brewing, etc.).

Stay tuned ... and feel free to email me tips and updates if you hear anything of what's going on and what their plans are.

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1 comment: said...

News flash — looks like they might FINALLY open the doors for us the first week of December!