November 27, 2008

Pazo Needs Great Beer

I recently went with the family to what amounted to an enjoyable and joyful dinner at Pazo, in Harbor East. Pazo is an up-up-upscale tapas place. The food is mostly excellent to put it mildly.

But this is a beer blog. And as much as my wino old man loved the wines he had, and the great recommendations from the waitress, the beer offerings were just considerate enough to get by.

Its not my business to push beer on places that clearly won't make huge money from beer anytime soon. Pazo is upscale and beautiful and people go there to spend money, and beer isn't usually associated with that. But perhaps times are changing.

They did have a limited bottled selection, and I enjoyed my Pilsner Urquell's. If I remember correctly they also had a Stella Artois and several others, so there was at least some attention to beer, but no taps (particularly the great Ozzy and Resurrection from Brewer's Art), no 750 ml bottles of something special, but loads of potential to entice an influential crowd with great beer.

Ever read Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point? Social phenomena often grow through mavens, connectors and influencers. There's plenty of all three hanging out at Pazo. Its a great place to make craft beer compete with wine among the ritzier crowds.

Regardless, head to Pazo with or without beer. Its fun and delightful in its own classy way. But if you do, maybe sneak in a word here or there about trying to introduce the guests to great beer.

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