November 6, 2008

Smaller Pints

I like!

Good news for British drinkers who think that a pint is too much beer to tackle at a sitting: Reuters reports that Britain’s National Weight and Measures Laboratory is considering allowing the sale of two-thirds of a pint. Says Reuters: “Currently, pubs can only serve pints, half pints and a third of a pint, a measure rarely seen in pubs but popular at beer festivals where drinkers try lots of different ales.”

Two points, from an American perspective: First, a pint is, in fact, an awful lot of beer. A typical bottle is 12 ounces; a pint is 16. Secondly, in an era of massively video-documented binge drinking, any law that lets bars serve less alcohol to people who want less alcohol is probably not a bad thing.

I'm all for the occasional half-pour of craft beer anyway, sometimes I later realize I don't like a beer as much as I thought I would and would rather finish half my glass and move on without being rude.

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Steve said...

I agree, I wish more places did 8-10oz pours of normal beers. Sometimes I want another beer, but not a whole 16oz.