December 10, 2008

Mahaffeys Update

I'm on their email list so occasionally I'll post some news from those emails.

For example, on tap for the first time is Dogfish Head's Worldwide Stout. I've had that sucker, it's pure alcohol, but they say it won't last so if you dig the WWS, head down there. Mad Elf is done for the season, although he's saved a keg for "Christmas in June".

Tonight's bomber is Southern Tier Choklat, one of Summer of Beer Steve's favorites. Their "Old School Beer" featured tomorrow will be Colt 45.

On Sunday they open at 3 PM --- "Go Ravens".

For the uninitiated, Mahaffey's is a corner pub in Canton with a great beer rep. As a bonus they actually post the beer list online so there's no guessing when you arrive. As we all know, Baltimore Beer Guy appreciates such establishments.

And whats not to love about a place carrying DuPont's Avec Les Bons Vouex, Allagash's Grand Cru and Southern Tier's Krampus?

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