December 27, 2008


Pabst Blue Ribbon, on tap? Hmmmk.

Dog Pub has remedied their website and it looks much improved and useful. Nice work.

A year/beer in review post? Might be a good idea. BTW I tried that Hoppy Otter IPA tonight ... yeeeeeech. I hope the problem was that it was skunked. Beautiful label but that was about as far as the pleasant experience went. Hopefully the Nogne O IPA I also purchased at The Perfect Pour is an improvement.

Red Brick Station's current seasonals on tap include a Scotch Ale and a Schwarzbier.

Looks like Franklin's has a legitimate website for once. They were briefly featured in a D.C. area public television program about "local" dining/drinking.

Victoria Gastro Pub's website has added some pictures, so you can get a feel for the overall layout and vibe. Personally I love the setting and bar and can't wait to try the outdoor patio in the summer.

As noted by Beer in Baltimore, Blob's Park will reopen for a New Year's Eve Party, $50 with music, a traditional German food buffet, doors open at 6:30 and festivities until 1 AM or so.

I've been reading this in bits and pieces. It looks like I'll be making a collaborative brew with my friend Steve who writes Summer of Beer the next time I'm out in California. Should be interesting. I tried homebrewing once when I lived in Florida and it was a disaster, but hopefully this experience sharpens my awareness of the process and I can make a batch or two of my own this year.

The old man gave me two beer books for Christmas: Microbrewed Adventures by Charlie Papazian and Michael Jackson's Eyewitness Companions book Beer. Can never have enough beer reading material around.

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