December 13, 2008

Quickie Diamondback Tavern Update

As previously noted here and other places, the Diamondback Tavern is officially open. It is in the former Tiber River Tavern in downtown Ellicott City, just up the hill from the main drag there. It has a Maryland theme, and is quite nice inside, about as nice as a place can be given the facility.

The menu is decent enough, the old man and myself had some wings, the unique scotch eggs and a smushed meatball sub. As for the beer -- they've got two bars that seat I think about nine each, one on the main floor and one upstairs. There are six tap handles: Guinness, Smithwicks, Yuengling, Fordham Tavern Ale, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Clipper City Winter Storm.

Could be worse, and I'm sure they'll rotate a bit. I hunch the Guinness and Yuengling will be permanent fixtures but the rest should allow for creativity and inspiration.

I enjoyed the view from my table downstairs by the bar, you can look onto the street, down the hill or watch people going by. Its fairly spacious overall, looks like they didn't try and cram a bunch of tables in where they could have gotten greedy and done so -- makes it a more inviting and friendly space. Its a unique building, with a few twists and turns here and there, very Ellicott City.

There won't be a craft beer crowd here, but its a nice place to grab a bite, get a decent beer and bring friends or family before heading elsewhere in Ellicott City (Judges Bench or Ellicott Mills Brewing Co., perhaps?).

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