December 16, 2008

Random Note: The Owl Bar

Stopped into the Owl Bar this afternoon, as I was a little early in advance of the Brewer's Art 4 PM opening. Its in the Hotel Belvedere (really, a converted hotel that is now home to condiminiums), across from the Brewer's Art. Nice place, I've written about it before, as has Beer In Baltimore.

It has that really cool prohibition feel, the usual taps were on and I went with an Owl Pale. Quick question since I forgot to ask today, who are they contract brewed with to make those, since I don't think they brew their own beer? Thanks.

Its not the biggest craft beer place ever, but I do recommend it if you're in the Mt. Vernon area before Brewer's Art opens or if for some reason you're at BA and don't enjoy it. Apparently the Owl Bar and sister property The 13th Floor in the same building are for sale though, not sure what that's all about if true so might want to enjoy it while you can if true just in case new ownership changes the theme.

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