January 27, 2009

Joint Baltimore Beer Guy, Summer of Beer Homebrew Update

On my recent trip to California I made a stop at my friend Steve's -- of Summer of Beer fame -- place, to make a batch of beer. That is, basically watch him make it after he'd procured all necessary ingredients since I'm such a novice at this.

We settled on a Belgian Strong Pale/Golden Ale to make. After much debate various malts and yeasts were decided upon. It would have been one yeast strain but I'm crazy and didn't feel like doing things perfectly by the book.

The brewing was fun, and we enjoyed much delicious beer in the process. But that's over with and its now in that intermediate stage of fermentation for a bit. Steve was kind of enough to send along a few photos of the early fermentation. It isn't much to look at but I thought I'd share. Can't wait to see how this puppy turns out.

Update: one more image -- initial fermentation complete!


HoCoJoe said...

One brew session with a friend and you can get hooked. In November a friend and I went out to Flying Barrel in Frederick for their BOP and made a Belgian Ale. It was fun and yummy. So this weekend I'm doing it on my batch at home.

The podcast world is full of great home brewing podcasts to ease the fix.

BeerGuy said...

Yeh I've heard good things about Flying Barrell's BOP. Its under consideration.

Steve said...

I need to get a wine theif so I can get a gravity reading on it. That was much easier when I was primary fermenting in a plastic bucket.

HoCoJoe said...

While I liked Flying barrel (place and people) and would do the BOP again, for Homebrewing supplies I looking at a mix of Maryland Homebrew in Columbia (it's close) and a bunch of different places on the internet (Austin Homebrew, More Beer and Northern Brewer).