January 23, 2009

More Diamondback Tavern Info

We've written a bit before about the Diamondback Tavern, a Maryland-themed eatery and bar in downtown Ellicott City.

One of the managing partners, Lee, emailed yesterday to clarify some things about their beer program. As suspected, Guinness and Yuengling probably aren't going anywhere, but they've got four other taps to work with and continue to rotate things in (Lee mentioned Rogue's Dead Guy Ale is on right now).

They're doing their best to not simply sell out to big sellers of the Bud/Miller/Coors variety, which is admirable especially at a new place in a bad economy in a location that simply hasn't done as well in Ellicott City for whatever reason. Their efforts are risky and should be applauded in that department.

They'll also be working on hopefully acquiring at least one very recognizable and popular local tap, I'll leave that to them to announce if/when that happens. In the meantime, they've made it clear they care about good beer and are putting their money on some good taps. I encourage you to visit them.

First enticement: $2 draught beer all day on Sunday. You know you want it. Parking is in the lot just across the street from the Tavern, just off the main drag. The Tavern itself is up the hill a touch from the T-intersection at the center of downtown Ellicott City. I strongly recommend visiting them to grab a bite and a beer as a pregame of sorts before strolling the Ellicott City shops or taking on its other beer wonders: Ellicott Mills Brewing and The Judge's Bench.


Lee Biars said...

Thanks for spreading the word Beer Guy. Just to clarify- the Rogue Dead Guy is not on draught but in bottles, and we have plenty more quality "off the beaten path" bottles on their way. We approach our beer list as voraciously as fine dining restaurants do their wine list, so look for us to continually tweek our selections and keep it fresh for all beer lovers (myself included).

Beer Guy's right- E.C. is the perfect town for a bar crawl, especially if you're into beer. Just about every place down here has something interesting and different to offer. I haven't been in the area since high school and I'm amazed at how beer-savvy Ellicott City has become; a very pleasant surprise!

Managing Partner
The Diamondback Tavern

BeerGuy said...

Thanks again Lee!

I need to get in again soon, sniff out the bottle list.