January 12, 2009

Night In

InNOut double double (no onions, extra cheese) and grilled cheese (off the not so secret menu, no onions, extra cheese).

Plus, I picked up a cold Port Brewing Wipeout IPA and Boulevard Brewing Saison at BevMo. Good times.

And and and, Orval is I think $5.49 here, way cheaper than what I've seen in Maryland.


Steve said...

Boulevard saison.... was wondering how long it'd be before you went and got that. lol

HoCoJoe said...

That's about what I pay for Orval at Pine Orchard In Ellicott City. The more I compare selection and prices, the more I am thankful that it's my local.

BeerGuy said...


I haven't been there in a while and its really nearby, I guess I've just got goo goo eyes for The Perfect Pour.

That and not much drinking in lately, been camped out at Frisco or Brewer's Art a lot, not that its a bad thing.

BeerGuy said...

BTW the Boulevard was great. Well, not great, but really, really good, thoroughly enjoyable and worth the effort.