February 11, 2009

Nugget Nectar Firkin at Frisco Grille Tonight

But you knew that already.

Update: Very, very good stuff. The cask kicked in 90 minutes.


Kevin said...

What do you like about this beer? Why is this the highlight at the Frisco Grille? When I read that wanker Summer of Beer, he lists the finer points of the beer and gives it some superfluous rating.

I'm just busting your balls B

Steve said...

Well, I agree that SOB is a wanker, there is no doubt about that, my biggest complaint is we just went 9 days between posts here. That is unacceptable. It is finally time to intervene. We are your friends here BBG. You were doing a good job with the increase in pictures during super bowl. Keep up the good work.

Kevin said...

I hope when I visit the DC area again next month, I try some of these beers and all this talk about this place has this, but why should I give these a whirl and not get a large Yuengling someplace.

Steve said...

Granted, you can't go wrong with Yuengling. I think you should just forget about trying all these Flying Dogs or Clipper City or Brewer's Art and just get cases of Yuengling.

BeerGuy said...

I like its aroma and taste? Heh.

I welcome an intervention. Pics may be a bit more spread apart for a while.

There's nothing wrong with Yuengling. Just not a lot going for it after one or two bottles.

Steve said...

Kevin's feeling towards Yuengling are like my Dad's towards Olympia.