February 13, 2009

Off to Max's Belgian Beer Fest

Doors open at 11 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free Belgian buffet Friday AM.

I know several of the regulars at Frisco Grille will be there in the AM. This really is one of the beer events of the year in the U.S. Max's will be hopping but its fun and lively and some great beer is available all three days. I advise going for taster glasses the entire way, as chalices will limit just how much you can "try" unless there's something you just absolutely love or are ordering bottles.

The tap list is available online, with the bottle list printed on the beer lists at the event. I've done a decent amount of homework, enough to know almost everything there is special or close to it, while marking a good 20 or so beers most desired. The tap list is very heavy with Belgian Dark/BSDA's, tons of winter/Christmas beers among those, spicy and potent.

Personally I've always favored pale malts and yeast/hops for flavor, so the Belgian Pales, Tripels and Saisons are much higher on my list, maybe mixing in a malty Dubbel somewhere. Oh and Belgium's famous, puckery, fierce lambics, fruit beers and Flanders style ales. So much to choose from!

As always be safe if you make your way there, man is not equipped to handle so much potent brew, and I'll certainly be pacing myself, however frustrating that is at least the fest runs several days, enough to derive immense enjoyment even if I can't try everything I've targeted.

Whatever "reporting" is to be had, I'll try and provide. Basically: lots and lots of people drinking great beer, shoulder-to-shoulder, for three days straight.

Update: Pretty darn cool, was able to procure a bar seat at opening and meet some regulars from Beer Advocate's Mid-Atlantic forums. I'll post what I drank on another entry maybe, add my one picture I took and whatever other details come to mind. Doubt I'll go back Saturday, was able to hit a LOT of what I had targeted and its been a week of solid drinking, the body needs a rest. Sunday sounds tempting though.

Feel free to comment with your experience. Today wasn't too bad until right around when I was leaving at 2 PM when things started getting more crowded. Saturday is likely to be a zoo though, good luck if you're going.


Chodite said...

I promised myself I'd work at a slow pace and enjoy each and every brew on my "hit list". Unfortunately, that didn't happen and while I had an amazing time on Friday, the actual beer "experience" during the last few hours is fuzzy.

Either way, the ones I had high on my list were the ones I hit early and I have fond memories of each.

What a great freakin time. And like you said, the body needs a rest... but today (Sunday)... still tempting.

If only I hadn't spent $80+ on cab fare Friday!

BeerGuy said...


That's why I haven't been back since as well, I really did a great job of hitting my targets on Friday, that worked out really, really well.

Yikes re: cab fare!

Chodite said...

Any word on whether or not the "replacement" brews will be available until they're tapped out? Some great selections there as well.