March 30, 2009

Freeze Frame

At The Frisco Grille:

Southern Tier Iniquity (black IPA), Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown (DIPA), Green Flash Hop Head Red.

Plus, they had both Troegs Nugger Nectar and Bear Republic Racer 5 on tap. Hard to pass those up.


BaltimoreMan said...

That would make my choice hard. I don't think I have had Iniquity. What did you have?

BeerGuy said...

Iniquity was pretty darn good, had that slight Belgian yeasty-ness to it, didn't expect that but really enjoy that flavor aspect to the beers that carry it.

Just had the first three listed plus a taster of the Brooklyn Weisse (quite sour) and Fuller's London Porter which was good.