April 1, 2009

Best of Howard County

After a little over a week of voting, the winner in the "Best of Howard County" poll is ...

Frisco Grille!

Frisco Grille grabbed 7 of the 32 votes, outpacing Ellicott Mills Brewing Co. and Victoria Gastro Pub and a host of other excellent beer destinations. Congratulations to Frisco Grille, which was also recently mentioned as a Reader's Choice for top beer bars in the Northeast a recent issue of Draft Magazine.

I'll re-open the voting to allow for continuous voting (similar to the current Brewer's Art poll) and move the poll further down the page on the menu at right. Thank you for participating.

1 comment:

Milhouse44 said...

The selection is good at Frisco but like many places, you can only have so many IIPA's and Russian Imp Stouts. I would go more often if they covered more styles and less 'made up' styles. I'm looking at you Mr. Imperial Porter….but I guess you wouldn't sell as well if you called yourself an American Stout....but at least you would be accurate.