April 1, 2009

Mahaffey's Goings On

As noted on the April calendar below, Mahaffey's is having its anniversary party on Saturday April 18th, with a free catered buffet. Thanks to solid business from customers, there are now new windows, giving the place "a whole new airy feel" among other improvements.

They'll open at 2 PM this coming Monday to mark Opening Day for the Orioles.

Tonight's bomber is Abita Abbey Ale (interesting), at 8% they'll charge ... $8.

And one of Wayne's favorites, Avery Maharaja (a DIPA), will probably be on starting tonight.

(Information via the weekly email)


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Opening at 2 AM??!? you sure you have that right?

BeerGuy said...

Er, 2 PM. Nice catch!

BeerGuy said...

Er, 2 PM. Nice catch!