May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Picture Dump

1)Cheese plate at Grand Cru in Belvedere Square. That block in the lower right is Chimay cheese from the Trappist monks responsible for Chimay beer!

2)A small piece of Chimay cheese. It has the consistency of muenster, if a bit sweaty and a slight zip.

3)Troegs Sunshine Pils at Grand Cru

4 &5) The bar area at Grand Cru, draught beers are written on a blackboard like system above the bar. They have an impressive eight taps and a beer engine for cask beer plus several fridges worth of beer. Sneaky good, especially for a wine place.

6 & 7)Went to DuClaw in Fells Point later, then wandered over to Fells Point Square where there was a crap I mean craft fair going on. To the right, obscured slightly by a tree, the great Max's. To the left, world famous Bertha's which carries an English bitter on cask from Oliver's/Wharf Rat brewing.


Steve said...

beautiful collection of pics. Grand Cru looks very cool!

BeerGuy said...


It is, I really enjoy going there, got a real nice vibe there and if somehow you didn't like their menu you can bring in food from other places in the market there.

Steve said...

How much do they charge for that cheese plate?? They really give you some large blocks of cheese there. I wish Stone were that generous with their portions.

How was the Sunshine Pils? I'm thinking of trading for a bunch of PA Pils' and thinking I need to include Troegs... pretty good?

BeerGuy said...

It was alright, you know how it is with Pils, but I enjoyed it, it had some noticeable zip which I like, fairly light body.

I forget how much they charged, they offer either 6 pieces or 8 on a tray, those pieces were generously sized, sometimes they're a bit smaller at Grand Cru.

The folks ate most of that, lots of stinky stuff I don't enjoy but the Chimay was palatable.

BeerGuy said...

Scratch that, its either 4 pieces ($8) or 6 pieces ($12)

Steve said...

yeah, great prices. You get a hell of a lot more for that price of $12 than you get for like $14 at Stone

BeerGuy said...