May 22, 2009

Quick Thought

Anchor Steam, Fat Tire and even Pliny the Elder are ubiquitous here but the Marylander in me feels like such a criminal each time I pass them up!


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Anchor is the local Yuengling--maybe a bit better, but if you've had it, you've had it. Though it might taste better fresher?

Fat Tire probably rates as the most OVERRATED beer in the American West, mostly by people from the East who haven't had it. It's nothing like it was when it was in bottle-conditioned 22-ounce bombers out of the Fort Collins railroad station brewery. Much, much better to try one of New Belgium's other products.

BeerGuy said...

Oh I know, but even with all that, they'd be suitable beers out here. Still feels strange to pass them up.