June 12, 2009

Real Time

I've been outed, Steve with Oliver Breweries (Pratt Street Ale House)/Wharf Rat was discussing BBG's Frisco Grille related pics as I walked in.

Oh, and Fuller's Mr. Harry. Cheers.


stevejones said...

It was good to meet you ... a small correction though, Oliver Breweries is not associated with the Wharf Rat, it is now the Pratt Street Ale House. Bill Oliver still owns the Fell's Point Wharf Rat and carries Oliver Ales but it is a separate business to the Ale House.
By the way, Mr. Harry is a great beer isn't it!

BeerGuy said...

Hey Steve!

Thanks for the correction, oh it was a wonderful brew, I'm just happy Frisco Grille continues to carry your guys' beers, makes me smile to see those on the beer engine.