July 30, 2009

The Great Beer Summit

I don't really have too much commentary to add that hasn't been said by other beer nerds and afficionados. More than anything I'm just amused at nationwide interest in the particulars of what beer each participant is having, not in a cynical way or anything, just amusement.

Flying Dog took their camper down to D.C. to advocate the President and Co. drink local beer. That's cool, I'd rather they have drank something more flavorful and interesting but it doesn't have to get tied up into the drink local thing. Just drink flavorful. Craft. Whatever.

At the end of the day more power to the President to drink the stuff use craft beer nuts don't like, its a free country, so long as we amicably get in our two cents and battle for hearts and minds not by leveraging others but plain old education and word of mouth.

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