July 29, 2009

MDbeerspotter Twitter

So I've set up a Twitter account that might be useful if enough beer nerds participate.

It is called MDbeerspotter

Basically, tweet your unique, interesting, whatever, beer finds to @MDbeerspotter and I'll retweet/republish them in a hopefully timely matter. It can be a low energy way to see what's available all around Maryland, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Be sure to follow and then whenever you're out, text over interesting finds. For example, if I'm at Frisco Grille and I see they have a Brewer's Art Saison L'Ombre on, I can text that over, something in under 140 characters obviously, example: "BrewersArt Saison L'Ombre, Frisco Grille 7/29" You can name multiple beers in multiple tweets, just don't go overboard obviously.

Or even pass along interesting news items or whatever seems applicable. Lets have some fun with this.

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