July 6, 2009

Related Brewers Art

Above, the Brewer's Art bottled beer list (beautiful booklet, really) and their present tap list. Brewer's Art obviously makes all their own beers on tap, the seasonals on at present are two distinct saisons, one dark one light, and the Kolsch mentioned below. Perfect summer offerings.

I overheard an employee mention that this week they're changing their dining menu, something they do about six times a year to reflect seasonal food availability and chef inspiration and whatnot.

On the bar menu I noticed they've changed up the mac and cheese recipe, this time including grilled spring onion, smoked tomato and thyme. Sounds delicious, I'll have to try that next time I'm in, its neat how they serve it in a mini cast iron dish. The grilled pork banh mi sounded interesting as well, with spicy carrot and daikon slaw, butter lettuce, sriracha aioli and cilantro, plus a side of their delicious rosemary garlic fries.

Best get yourself down there, its a great little beer and food place discussed frequently enough on here, with two distinct bar areas, a lounge of sorts and two spacious white linen dining rooms.

Owner/founder/however we shall call him Volker was at the bar for a few moments while I was there today as well. I probably should have introduced myself and genuflected but oh well, next time.

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