August 9, 2009

Flying Dog Report

It was terrific fun, as always. I've provided a sampling of pictures below.

There was a small wait to get in, mostly procedural as people signed in (ehhhh), provided their $5 and were given a taster glass and info about tours, etc. Flying Dog has steadily evolved with this thing, where it used to be you could get a fresh pint glass and then get six ounce pours, they now give you a similar sized tasting glass along with bottle caps that can be traded for pours.

Alcohol abuse is less likely under the present setup, which is noble. Fear not free ($5) glass fans, when you're done you can simply bring your tasting glass to the register at the entrance and redeem it for a legit pint glass. Simple.

One fun aspect of this is its surprisingly communal, they raffle off prizes, people socialize outside their group a bit, there's repeated call and respond moments where a brewery representative might say "good beer!" and everyone responds "no sh**!".

I passed on the tour (taken it before, they have fun with it) but one of the brewers was leading it and they pumped it up as informative. The benefit to the tours is that they draw a decent pack of people away from the congested bar area and getting refills gets easier.

As for a beer report, there weren't any Wild Goose beers on tap, but a healthy selection (18 taps) of Flying Dog brews. They had the entire year-round line along with the Gonzo Imperial Porter, Double Dog, the brand spanking new in time for fall Dogtoberfest Marzen, a "test batch" Imperial Belgian Wheat, plus the IPA on cask and the Gonzo Porter on nitro. Plenty to choose from but I'm a sucker for the classic pale ale at the brewery and went with several tasters of that to go along with a growler fill at an excellent cost of I believe $7 (plus the $5 new growler).

Anyway, that's that, I encourage you to visit the brewery and tasting room and enjoy all it has to offer in the way of locally brewed, fantastic beer in a lively atmosphere. The best time is now before the weather gets all depressing anyway.

Its open on Saturdays from 130-4 PM, with a handful of tours during that time. A $5 purchase nets you a taster glass you can redeem for a pint glass at the end, along with approximately six taster tokens to redeem for beer.

And yes, this is a bit repetitive if you've been reading Baltimore Beer Guy for a while. For a similar report, check this writeup from January of this year. No, I'm not getting paid for this royal butt kissing, its sincere, for whatever thats worth. Enjoy.

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