August 2, 2009


-- Many thanks to Yours For Good Fermentables' Tom Cizauskas for his promotion of an experimental venture here, the MDbeerspotter twitter page. He does a better job than myself explaining the basics and utility of it. Be sure to get on Twitter, follow me and start tweeting me your interesting finds.

-- The Beer Spot blog travels to Maryland and gives a fantastic review to Frisco Grille and one of its excellent bartenders, Keith. Well earned.

-- Via Beer In Baltimore (.com), new offerings at the excellent Pratt Street Ale House. The Chelsea Best Bitter may or may not be on tap, its been popular. In its stead will be "Golden Glory" an English wheat beer infused with root ginger.

-- As noted in the MABN Hop Tips email, Georgia's Terrapin Brewing will be selling their beers in Virginia in August.

-- Gilly's in Rockville is introducing Thirsty Thursdays for a limited time. Come in and try something new out of the bottle and enjoy no corking fees for beer and wine. New arrivals this week include Clipper City Big DIPA, Victory Wild Devil and Smuttynose Baltic Porter.

-- The Midnight Sun reviews some potential beer warm to hotspots in Hampden's 13.5% and The Reserve.

-- The proper pronunciation of Duvel is Doo-vle, not Doo-velle. I always screw that up!

-- DC Beer is on a roll. There's this great "Beer Drinker's guide to DC's 2009 Restaurant Week" and several great DC beer maps:

Capitol Hill




H Street

U Street

And be sure to check out the DC Happy Hours feature. Great stuff. Bookmark it!

-- A Beer In Hand checks out Baltimore Tap House (formerly Growlers). Sounds like a decent tap selection.

-- Finally, I spent a decent amount of time this weekend downtown at Max's, Mahaffey's, finally got to check out Pratt Street Ale House and the water taxi thing. Remind me to add some thoughts on all that at some point this week!


BaltimoreMan said...

I was talking to the Duvel rep, and caught myself saying Doo-velle, then corrected myself. The rep replied that it is spoken both ways, and they usually don't bat an eye at it, but the Fremish version (Doo-vle) is preferred.

anyhow, what did you have at Max's/Mahaffeys?

BeerGuy said...


Mahaffey's went with Maredsous Blonde, Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA, St. Feullien Saison and snagged a few sips of others' Troegs Hopback Amber and Avery IPA.

At Max's I ended up drinking a bottle of a sour old ale I forget which company, they didn't enjoy it but I did heh. Also did tasters of Allagash Confluence (good stuff), Birrifico Del Borgo ReAle Extra Italian IPA, and the awesome Contreras Valier Divers triple. Oh and the Italiano Cassissona which was strange, not terrible but not a repeat.

Arei said...

Pratt Street Ale House had the Chelsea Best Bitter on tap as of yesterday afternoon prior to the slugfest at Camden Yards.

BeerGuy said...

Thanks for the update Arei!

BaltimoreMan said...

Oh, let us know if you remember what the sour was (it is now my thing). I must agree that the Confluence is absolute delicious.

BeerGuy said...

Now I remember, it was Petrus something or other, tan label.