August 18, 2009

Old Bay Shrimp and Beer

Last week Old Bay sent me some goodies and I've reciprocated by trying out the Seafood Steamers pouch above. Its ridiculously convenient, and tastes similar if not quite as good as the steamed shrimp you find at restaurants literally all over the state.

In the pouch there's a plastic bag where you add the Old Bay seasoning (also in the pouch) to about a pound of shrimp, shake the thing up, seal, poke some holes in the plastic bag, and microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on the shrimp count. No need to peel/devein (although you can do that), it comes out just a touch watery but cooks evenly and ends up delicious.

Thanks again Old Bay!

I paired it with one of the last holdout bottles of some homebrew Belgian Golden (that turned into something more like a Tripel).


HowChow said...
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HowChow said...

You're getting free stuff?

BeerGuy said...

On occasion. I'll reveal another item soon.