September 18, 2009

Beers at Woodberry Kitchen!

OK so if you follow the foodie websites or Elizabeth Large's blog at the Baltimore Sun, you know about Woodberry Kitchen. Its hyper-local, creative cuisine. I haven't stopped by yet so I can't vouch but the adoration is pretty much cranked up to 11 wherever I see mention of them.

Anyway, they reached out, out of the blue and have let me know about their excellent beer situation. I didn't realize they were into it so this is pretty cool to hear about. Anyway, here's how it goes right now:

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest
Troeg's Dead Reckoning Porter (awesome)
Smuttynose IPA
Claypipe Backfin Pale Ale
Victory Prima Pils

and always (not local...but good) Anchor Steam.

All are on tap...another is coming soon...I'll keep you posted...

So if the beer thing was a reason to hesitate before visiting them, perhaps its time to reconsider. Many thanks to their representative Andreas. I'll try and maintain communication and if they get more cool stuff or have some beer news items to pass along, I can hopefully relay that.

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