September 9, 2009

Flying Dog Pint Night at Frisco Grille Recap

As the saying goes, good times were had by all. Frisco Grille patrons set some kind of record sucking down Dogtoberfest Marzen's. I was particular to the "CENSORED" Belgian IPA. They'll have a name for it eventually but are still fighting with the labeling police.

I talked quite a bit with FD rep Matt who several establishments have vouched as an awesome rep so yay Matt.

Its interesting because Flying Dog recognizes that its not at that state where if people ask what is the Maryland beer, they'll say "Flying Dog". Right now its some combination of (ngggggghhhhh) Natty Boh, or Clipper City or maybe even a few others (oh how I wish Brewer's Art had more reach). There's no shame in being second fiddle to the great Clipper City mind you, but they're aware they have a great deal of reach and a great product and are slowly making themselves a known Maryland commodity instead of this Colorado, sometimes Maryland hybrid rep they carry at present.

Regardless, good stuff. Four excellent local brews on tap, good conversation and the better side of libation in one neat presentation, no frills of course.


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

So the question becomes, why don't they just hype the heck out of their REAL Maryland brand--Wild Goose?

Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Best part of last night for me, was buying the lady an In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen, and it turned out that she is a Colonel in the miltary, home from Iraq, where she oversaw 20,000 troops. Couldn't thank her enough for what she and the rest of the troops do for us to keep us safe and allow us to do what we love to do!

Matt-Flying Dog

BeerGuy said...

Yeh that was terrific, I had no idea, its events like that which help reveal our great citizens in our midst we might not otherwise know about.