September 18, 2009

Mahaffey's Waynestock and Other Items

This Saturday (9/19/2009) is 'Waynestock' at Mahaffey's in Canton.

The hall has been rented, the orchestra engaged. Now it's time to see if you can dance.
Baltimore Beer Week in less than a month. Sign up for that badass Flying Dog brewery tour today!!!!!!!! Just E-Mail me back. The best $20 ever spent. Tru dat.
Sunday football.

The Oktoberfest beers keep coming and we are already moving into bigger and darker stuff. I will be getting one more keg of Lancaster because a panel of experts (plus me) named it the best domestic Oktoberfest offering this year.
Speaking of accolades, did you see the City Paper this morning? Mahaffey's was named as having the Best Restaurant Beer List! I've always loved the City Paper. Very astute publication.
Later this week, we will be putting on Sierra Nevada Chico Estate Harvest. This one was made with hops out of their back yard! They swore it would never leave CA, but here 'tis. Don't miss out. Also coming on tap this weekend is Stone Vetical Epic 09/09/09. Both very limited offerings!!!!!!!!!

Update: Here's some more info on the Flying Dog tour thing -- For $20, you get a Flying Dog pint at Mahaffey's (featuring a vintage keg of last year's Snow Goose), a bus trip to the FD brewery, beer on the bus and back, a complimentary pint glass, a VIP brewery tour and unlimited samples and snacks in their tasting room. WOW! Doors open at 2PM and the bus will leave at 3 arriving back at 8 or so. Please E-Mail me for reservations.

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