September 28, 2009


1)Stone 090909 Vertical Epic (L) and Clipper City 'Great Pumpkin' on cask (R). Great Pumpkin wasn't bad but I definitely am not a pumpkin beer fan. Its not too over-the-top, which makes it suitable.

2 & 3)Flier for Mahaffey's Baltimore Beer Week bus trip to Flying Dog, sounds interesting

4)Another picture of the Great Pumpkin

5)Gordon Biersch tap handle, new to Maryland bars! Pretty elaborate but it doesn't show well in the pic, delivered by a rep while I was there.

6)Stroh's can. You don't see that too often.

7)Was a little bored by the taps, went with a Unibroue Trois Pistoles.

8)Orval, in appropriate glassware! One of the best beers in the world.



Chodite said...

That Mahaffey's Flying Dog trip sounds too good to pass up. See ya there!?

BeerGuy said...

Its an amazing offer, still mulling over if only because I'd still have to commute back to HoCo from Mahaffey's.