September 18, 2009

Max's German Fest Update

From the email. Hacker-Pschorr Hef is one of my all-time favorites, had it on tap once at a Champps in Chicago, fell in love:

We are half way through the first day of our 2nd Annual German beers fest and it is going great, I though I would drop you a quick e-mail about the gravity kegs we will be tapping for tomorrow.
Fischer Greuth lager
Bayer Theinheim Unfiltered Lager
Kraus Hirschaid Lager
Spezial Bamberg Rauchbier
Zehender Monchsambach Amber lager
Schneider Edel Weisse(Wooden Gravity)
Hofstetten Hochzeitsbier 1810-Tapped today -not much left
Reissdorf Koelsch-Tapped Today-Not much left
Also, we have a few changes to the menu,
Einbecker Urbock Dunkel
Wurzburger Pils
Baynof Berliner Weisse
Julius Echter Hefeweizen
Hacker Pschorr hefeweizen
becks Oktoberfest
I hope to see you all, either later toinght or over the next two days. Cheers
Please check out our website, for info on Our Battle for the battles.
Ron, Jess and Jason are kayaking for a great cause, check it out.

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