September 29, 2009


If he weren't my brother I'd be insanely jealous ... my brother and some friends hopped off to Europe to experience several destinations this week including Oktoberfest in Germany.

Needless to say I've received a few brief --if excited -- emails the last few days.


He's a little bit later to great beer than myself, but at every opportunity to experience the good stuff he dives right in, visiting here in Baltimore and making treks to D.C. when in town and enjoying every minute of it. He also went out of his way on our summer road trip into the American Southwest to help me find some superb beer destinations where we didn't expect many. Some of it was just being supportive but his passion is clearly there and its cool to share that with him, I really didn't expect that since he has so many other interests although he's always indulged my whimsies, being a better brother than myself.

It doesn't hurt he lives in the beer nirvana that is San Diego County but he's been a fun convert and shares with me interesting stuff he finds along the way. So now its fun to sit back and see him experience all that and have a great time, and hear about how things were once he returns.


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