October 8, 2009

Baltimore Beer Week Friday Thoughts

Just looking ahead to tomorrow as well ... These events are what I'm most considering for Friday:

Evolution tasting at The Parkside 8-10 PM
Global Distributors (Allagash etc. beers) at Max's 8-11 PM
Widmer Pale Ale $1 at Alexander's Tavern
$0.40 steamed shrimp at Duda's 6-close and all-day Fordham beer proceeds go to military charity
Flying Dog at Alonso's (+firkin) 5-8 PM
1/2 price drafts at Grand Cru 4-6 PM


Evolution is good beer and I haven't been to The Parkside yet. The taplist looks really good at Max's for Friday. The ad for the Widmer pale ale talks about some citrusy hop they're using, color me intrigued. I love steamed shrimp. Flying Dog is great stuff and like The Parkside I haven't made it to Alonso's yet (one of the perks of Baltimore Beer Week, incentive to try new places that have eluded you). Aaaaand Grand Cru is pretty darn cool, I don't write about them enough, cool concept even though its more of a wine place they're sneaky good about beer and offer some good food.

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Steve said...

your liver still holding up during BBW?