October 6, 2009

Flying Dog

1)Sooo along with the Brewer's Alley stop (below) I swung by the Flying Dog brewery in Frederick last Friday and got a growler fill of the Snake Dog IPA as well as a taster of their winter seasonal, K-9 Cruiser. The Cruiser isn't on taps yet but its now at the brewery/tasting room if you make their Saturday tours. Its delicious, tremendous malt flavor, not too big on the wintery spicing, robust, just good stuff.

2)Several of the taps. I'd drink any of those, no questions asked.

3 &4)Enjoying the growler Saturday at home watching the USC game. The beer was spectacular. Brewery fresh beer just tastes a little different, its still pretty good in bottle and tap around town but fresh its just about as good as some of the truly great IPA's from masters like Russian River and Alpine.

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