November 25, 2009

Most Craft Taps?

So here's an exercise for today: lets see if we can compile a list of the bars with the most (craft/cult) taps in Maryland.

Max's = 72/100
Pratt Street Ale House = 25?
Victoria Gastro Pub = 24
Frisco Grille = 20
Mahaffey's ~ 20
Jilly's = 20 (some non-craft)
Elliott's Pour House = 20
The Judges Bench = 17
Duda's ~ 17
Flying Dog Brewery/tasting room = 17
John Steve Ltd. ~ 16
Lures = 15
Racer's Cafe = 13?
Baltimore Taphouse = 12
Abbey Burger Bistro = 11
Red Star = 11
DuClaw = 11
Growlers = 9
The Laughing Pint = 8
Grand Cru = 8
Woodberry Kitchen ~ 8
Jack's Bistro = 8
Brewer's Art = 6

Alonso's/Loco Hombre? Metropolitan? Ruddy Duck?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Heroes in Annapolis apparently has 40+ but how many of those are truly craft? The Owl Bar has something like 16 taps, but depending on how their pending tap changes we'll see how many are truly craft oriented.

I'll update as the replies come in.


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

The semi-official number at Max's is 72; they have more than that but several are split between downstairs and upstairs, or to the side bar. If sheer number of handles is the criteria, Max's is over 100.......

BaltimoreMan said...

Baltimore Taphouse (aka Growlers) is almost all craft, I think there are 12 taps there.

I enjoyed a Celebration on my way home from work.

Brad said...

I'd put Pratt St. Ale House on the list too, since a majority are craft beers (their own).

A total of roughly 25 taps, which includes 3 cask lines and 10 guest beers.

Matt said...

We have 15 different styles currently on tap at the Flying Dog tasting room, including 1 cask & 1 nitrogen line.

BeerGuy said...

Thanks all! An all-star lineup of MD beer folks commenting, love it.