November 27, 2009

Notes: T-Bonz

T-Bonz (4910 Waterloo Rd. at the intersection of Waterloo Rd. and Montgomery Rd. in the back of the shopping center) is a solid dining establishment in Ellicott City (try the ribs). It is also a hidden treasure for good cult beer, arguably the best beer bar in Howard County outside the Holy Trinity that is Frisco Grille, The Judges Bench and Victoria Gastro Pub.

T-Bonz has about eight rotating beers on tap and several interesting bottled offerings. On this particular Saturday I enjoyed Clipper City's brand spaking new Yule Tide tripel on tap, plus tasted a Delerium Noel and Anchor's Christmas beer from other members in my party.

To be honest I had no idea this place was a beer haven until recently, so little is the word of mouth about them. That has to change. You won't find may beer geeks at the bar but someone's drinking the good stuff and the owners have clearly made a commitment to procure it.

Amusingly, they're hosting a beer + pancakes event on January 31st: a $5 cover gets you free pancakes while they provide "breakfast themed" beers, plus music from the Grilled Lincolns. Sounds good, hm?


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, sheesh. Thanks for telling us where it IS, mate.

BeerGuy said...

Ellicott City? I really don't know what to call that area. I've updated the post with an address. If you go, its at the shopping center at that intersection, sort of hidden as you have to go behind the shopping center, can't really be seen from the road. Typical hard-to-find HoCo joint.