December 1, 2009

Beer Notes, Catching Up!

Be sure to check out my MDbeerspotter Twitter account, I interact with a good handful of interesting Maryland and regional beer folks and also provide some interesting notes and updates in the more cut-to-the-chase setting that is Twitter.

-- The Baltimore Sun has shelved Rob Kasper's Kasper On Tap blog. That's too bad, although Rob will still be around to write for the paper and deliver beer content.

-- Looney's is seeking your help in finding them several deserving families to 'adopt' during the Holidays. They provide gifts as well as dinner. Please contact William Larney if you know of a family they might be able to help -

-- Red Brick Station is holding a food drive to benefit the Baltimore Salvation Army. They are collecting canned food and other non-perishable items to benefit the Army's Holiday campaign through December 20th.

Anyone who donates items on the day of the 2009 Holiday Parade at the Avenue at White Marsh will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Red Brick Station gift certificate.

-- Hmm, "30-some" beers at the new Azul 17 in Columbia. Anyone been there yet? Seems a little clubby which I'm not a fan of, but maybe there's daytime room for the beer nerds too.

-- Duda's in Fells Point recently turned 60 - wow.

-- Speaking of Fells Point, the Sun's Sam Sessa asks if its lost its mojo. I say no way, in fact I really enjoy visiting. I could see if you're a downtown resident getting a bit bored with it but coming from HoCo I always have a great time wandering around and finding beer and food.

-- More on Flying Dog's huge Midsize Brewery of the Year award (well deserved).

-- ChurchKey just opened in D.C. and it's pretty darn cool. I stopped by several weeks ago and found an excellent tap list, five firkins, a snacky menu, and an extensive, sorta unknown collection of interesting finds in their bottle list. Also, they've added a blog! They explain their glassware philosophy, temperature zones deal, etc.

-- Also DC, the Washingtonian has a nice interview of the crew.

-- WE NEED THIS. I'm doing my best by linking (on the sidebar at right, seriously, take advantage of that) to establishments that publish their beer lists online, but its a gradual thing. Speaking of, I've just discovered Elliot's Pour House, The Owl Bar (their website was recently updated) and The Laughing Pint have a tap menu, thumbs up guys!

Oh, and the Owl Bar is planning on updating their tap selection soon. Details as I get them.

-- At The Ruddy Duck, their new Helles Lager is now on tap. Light in color, mildly hopped and 5.5% ABV. And, a reformulated pale ale. Look for a Christmas ale soon and Barleywine (tis the season).

-- Brewers Alley is having their Holiday Beer Dinner Tuesday December 1st, and are also unveiling their new spiced beer from 4-6 PM in the bar. Right now they have a record number of seasonal offerings on tap: eight.

-- Mahaffey's is looking forward to beers like Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA, Worldwide Stout, Old School Barleywine and Life and Limb. Also Heavy Seas Yuletide and a new Holiday seasonal from Stoudts. And Lagunitas' Brown Shugga on cask plus a few Rogues, Mad Elf and Morimoto Imperial Pilsner.

-- Wednesday December 2nd is Victoria Gastro Pub's blowout Belgian Beer Fest. They'll serve 20 Belgian beers that should go fast starting at 5 PM, until they kick.

Also on the calendar: December 8th Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Beer Dinner w/some cool rarities. January 12th will be their St. Bernardus Beer Dinner. February 10th is their Allagash Beer Dinner.

-- Dogfish Head Alehouse is having a 'Rocky Mountain Holiday Beer Dinner' with five unique courses for $60 all inclusive from 7-9 PM on December 8th at their Gaithersburg location, marking the release of their Old School Barleywine and World Wide Stout. Thanks Beth for the tip!

-- Now on tap at Woodberry Kitchen: Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, Evolution ESB, Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale, Victory Stormking Stout, Troeg's Doppelbock, Wolaver's Organic IPA, Anchor Steam

-- New on tap at Pratt Street Ale House: their winter seasonal Merry Old Ale, a spiced winter ale at 6.2% ABV. Its a brown ale, medium bodied and fairly low in hops but spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

-- On Wednesday December 2nd Flying Dog is doing a Raging Bitch Belgian IPA pre-view party from 6 PM onward, $3 pints of the 'Bitch and K-9 at Firestone's in downtown Frederick.

Speaking of Raging Bitch, it is now available at the Brewery in 750ml bottles ($20) and include a case and poster.

-- Holiday beer tasting at The Brewer's Art. Anyone going? BTW their Holiday seasonal Festivus is now on tap, I really want to try that.

-- There will be a Wild Goose (Flying Dog) Snow Goose pint night at Frisco Grille on Wednesday December 2nd from 7 PM onward. First featured beer purchase nets you a featured pint glass while supplies last, plus another Wild Goose offering.

-- Maryland may soon do away with its insane policy against private shipments of wine and beer into and out of the state. Good.

-- Miss Irene's and its 10-20 taps in Fells Point closed. Dang.

-- The American Homebrewers Association, which publishes Zymurgy, has a new website. Be sure to bookmark.

-- So Yeah Dood opines on the Mr. Beer. I remember a friend having one of these in high school.

-- One mag's list of top five beer towns in the U.S.

-- Wine Enthusiast's Top 25 Beers for 2009

-- New Maryland beer blog find: The Good Life.

-- Anyone else notice NBC showing Max's as they broke to commercial during Sunday night's Ravens game? Pretty cool!

If you've gotten this far, congratulations. I'm exhausted heh, seriously be sure to get on Twitter and follow my feed, lots o' updates in real time that won't necessarily make it on here at Baltimore Beer Guy.



Rob Kasper has moved his Kasper on Tap blog. New address;

Not as much content, but, he's back!

Trip Klaus said...

One thing I didn't notice anywhere is the release party for their dopplebock at the Rams Head Taverns in Savage and Annapolis on Thursday Dec 3 from 4-6. Otherwise thanks for all the info.

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

D'oh I forgot to add that. I'd originally written it a few weeks back and added bits and pieces over time, just blanked in not adding he returned. Thanks Tom.

Trip, thanks for the note. Does Rams Head have any email list type deals for updates like that?

Trip Klaus said...

Yes, just click on the join our e-mail list at the web site. Although, I'm not sure how I first heard about the event. Busy week though, Victoria's tomorrow and then Rams Head on Thursday.