December 16, 2009

Flying Dog Coffee Stout

So Flying Dog will soon release a one-off special beer. It will be a coffee stout, available only on tap at select accounts (straight out of their 7 barrel system). Sometime in the near future I'll reveal several obvious and some not so obvious locations that I'm aware of that will get this beer. Its delicious and definitely won't last long and will be the first in a series of one-offs planned in the coming months. Here's a sneak peek picture.

More details on those goodies when they arrive, but I'll give you a little clue as to one of them: it'll coincide with a holiday in the coming months. Speculate away.

Here's a brief writeup about the Coffee Stout:

Wild Dog Series Coffee Stout

Deep black color with mousse like head. Chocolate, Black and Roasted malts contribute to this beer its rich roasted, vanilla, chocolate aroma and flavor. Generous amounts of flaked barley and oats give the beer its creamy texture. Carefully selected blend of hops give a very subtle earthiness in aroma and flavor. The brewer's won't let us know what kind of coffee or even the method is that they are using to prepare the coffee but we do know that it is supplied by a local coffee company, Black Dog Coffees, just across the Potomac in West Virginia. We think that you will agree that the balance of beer and coffee is just right. You can still taste the stout as well as the coffee, neither overwhelms the other. You are left with a dry finish and slight roasted coffee aftertaste. Delicious!

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